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Evangelicals & Catholics Big Questions

  1. Are Catholics into the Bible?
  2. Are Catholics Born Again?
  3. Are Catholics Christians?
  4. Did Constantine Invent Catholicism?
  5. Did Jesus Mean Literally "Bread" in Jn 6?
  6. Eucharist
  7. Why Baptize Babies
  8. Justification by Faith alone?
  9. Indulgences
  10. Isn't the Church Rich?
  11. Catholic Mass
  12. Catholic Mass Bible References
  13. Saints
  14. Statues in Church
  15. Why Portray Jesus on a Cross?
  16. Purgatory
  17. Religion vs. Relationship
  18. Why are Catholics into suffering?
  19. Are Catholics Pagan?
  20. Are Catholics in conspiracy with Pagan Muslims who worship the crescent moon
  21. Are non-Christians saved
  22. Sacraments and Sacramentals - can material things carry spiritual power?
  23. Do Catholics have a Punishing God?
  24. Priests Forgive Sins? Why are Priests Called Father?
  25. Early Church Fathers
  26. Are non-Christians saved?
  27. Sheol, Hell, Hades
  28. Is the Catholic Church the Little Horn of Daniel 7?
  29. Two judgments?
  30. Man Made Religion?
  31. Isn't it all about Jesus?
  32. Catholic Creationism
  33. Pierre Teilhard de Chardin vs Wolfgang Smith
  34. How did God create the human body?
  35. Traditions of Men
  36. How to become Catholic
  37. Why can't Evangelicals join in on Catholic Communion?
  38. Catholic Dogma says "God is absolute benignity" - Does that mean He's inactive?
  39. Once Saved Always Saved?
  40. Jews and the Catholic faith
  41. Why did God let the devil attack Job?


  1. Is it OK to resist the pope?
  2. List of Popes from the time of Christ
  3. What about the Bad Popes?
  4. Are the Popes since Vatican II weak or bad?
  5. Modernism in the Catholic Church
  6. Characteristics of Modernism
  7. The Pope, authority, heirarchy, succession ...
  8. Was Peter the Rock
  9. Were letters about papal authority forgeries
  10. The Pope WYD message
  11. Did Peter Die in Rome?
  12. Why does the pope live in luxury?
  13. Papal infallibility, how can fallible human be infallible?
  14. Was James the first pope?


  1. 10 Reasons Mother Mary is not just for Catholics
  2. Mary in the Bible
  3. Mary in the Early Church and Today
  4. Do Catholics Pray to Mary?
  5. Mary a Pagan Goddess?
  6. Mary's Perpetual Virginity
  7. Did Mary have pain and break her hymen when she gave birth to Jesus?
  8. Is the Rosary Bible Based?
  9. The Rosary - Learn it
  10. Download audio versions of the Rosary
  11. Is the Rosary more about Mary than Jesus?
  12. Catholic Repetitious Prayers
  13. Martin Luther and other reformers speak on Mary
  14. Mediatrix, Co-Redemptrix
  15. Mary's Assumption into Heaven
  16. Mary Conceived Without Sin, Immaculate Conception
  17. Mary Apparitions
  18. Messages from Heaven video, Eternal Productions
  19. The Nativity Story (the Hollywood film about Christmas)
  20. Why do Catholics call Mary the "Queen of Heaven and Earth?"
  21. An Evangelical discovers the Rosary

Hugh & Diane's Testimonies

  1. Personal Testimony - Short Version
  2. Personal Testimony - Full Version
  3. Hugh's Testimony of abortion
  4. Diane: Pregnancy, cancer and miracles
  5. Diane, Hugh's wife's testimony of becoming Catholic
  6. Why do I stay Catholic?
  7. Mother Mary - Hugh's Testimony
  8. Is the New Age Dangerous?
  9. What did Hugh do during his 10 years out of music?
  10. The history of this site
  11. Photos of Hugh Performing
  12. Videos of Hugh's Shows
  13. Hugh's photography
  14. Hugh's pictures of European Catholic Churches
  15. Hugh's Pro Life Music
  16. Hugh's testimony with the Rosary

Hugh's Music

  1. Music landing page (all music)
  2. Bounce Back CD download
  3. Kid's Collection
  4. Pro-life Songs
  5. Life is the only Cholice
  6. Greatest Hits
  7. Rosary with Meditation Music
  8. Catholic Music Review of Hugh's music
  9. Photos of Hugh and Friends
  10. Children's songs
  11. Hugh's Concert Videos
  12. Hugh's weekly radio show "Bridging the Gap"
  13. List of positive secular and Christian songs

Hugh's Photos

  1. Scenic Photos Index page
  2. Photos of Barbados
  3. Photos North America
  4. Photos of Dubai
  5. Photos of Europe
  6. Photos of Japan, Hawaii
  7. Photos of Guam
  8. Photos of India
  9. Photos of UK, Scotland, York
  10. Photos of Guatemala
  11. Photos of Israel
    1. Churches in Israel
    2. Church of the Beatitues
    3. Church of the Holy Sepulchre
    4. Bethlehem photos
    5. Caesarea photos
    6. Capharnaum Cana, Bethsaida photos
    7. Dead Sea photos
    8. Galilee photos
    9. Jerusalem photos
    10. Masada photos
    11. Nazareth photos
    12. The Stations of the Cross Via Dolorsa, Jerusalem photos
    13. Western Wall photos
    14. Mount Carmel, Megiddo, Mount Tabor, and Jordan photos
    15. Qumran photos

Responses to people with a real anti-Catholic bias

  1. A response to Joe Rogan's anti-Catholic Rants.
  2. A response to Bill Webster's accusations in "The Church of Rome at the Bar of History" that the Fathers did not talk about Peter the Rock
  3. John MacArthur's fundamental problem with Catholicism
  4. Allen Parr's viral YouTube video against Catholicism
  5. Does Mary Ann Collins actually exist?
  6. Charles Chiniquy and his Charges against Catholicism
  7. A 1908 Catholic response to Chiniquy
  8. Catholicism, Crisis of Faith. Have you seen this anti-Catholic Video?
  9. Dan Brown, Da Vinci Code
  10. What is a faithful Catholic?


  1. The Catholic Mass - Full text (new text Nov. 2011)
  2. Dogmas
  3. Is Modern Music OK for Christians?
  4. Flow Chart of Catholic Doctrine
  5. Apostles' Creed
  6. Relativism
  7. New Age is not that New
  8. Why do I like the new Mass better than the traditional Mass?
  9. How to stop being Catholic
  10. Is a synod binding?
  11. 8 characteristics of Catholicism

Relations between the Catholic and Orthodox Church

  1. Introduction to Catholic Orthodox Relations
  2. Timeline of Catholic and Orthodox relations
  3. When did The Bishop of Rome become the Pope
  4. The Filioque (Proceeds from the Father and the Son)
  5. The Nicene Creed full text
  6. Does the Eastern Orthodox Church predate the Roman Catholic Church?
  7. A discussion about Purgatory and Prayers for the dead
  8. Does the Orthodox Church predate the Catholic Church?
  9. The Orthodox Bible. Did the Council of Nicea II confirm the Council of Carthage
  10. Catholic dialogue with an Eastern Orthodox theologian
  11. Early Eastern Church fathers recognize the Pope
  12. Holy Fire
  13. Decomposed bodies of Saints
  14. The 1054 Split between Catholic and Orthodox
  15. Orthodox position on Divorce
  16. Orthodox position on Contraception
  17. The Crusades:Sack of Constantinople
  18. Did the Apostle Andrew establish the Church in Constantinople?
  19. Why can't babies receive communion in the Catholic Church?
  20. Why can Orthodox Christians receive Catholic Communion but Catholics can't receive Orthodox Communion?
  21. The History of the Church in Bulgaria
  22. Heresies - listed
  23. Has the Orthodox Church changed on significant issues?
  24. If Peter had primacy, why did James make decision (Acts 15)?
  25. Why does the Orthodox Church have more books in their Bible than the Catholic Church


Sex, Social and Moral Issues

  1. Why is Catholic Church against gay marriage
  2. Gay marrriage versus Catholic free speech
  3. Why is the Catholic Church against gay sex?
  4. Gay sex in the Bible
  5. Fr. James Martin, and the LBGT community
  6. Marriage, divorce, and annulments
  7. Divorce in the case of adultery
  8. Pope Benedict on Gender Theory
  9. Contraception from natural law
  10. Contraception in the Bible
  11. Contraception - Early Church Fathers
  12. Contraception in Africa and the third world, the UN and the Catholic Church
  13. Is Theology of the Body overly sexual?
  14. Priest Sexual Abuses
  15. Can gay men become priests?
  16. Did Vatican II cause priest sexual abuse crisis
  17. Glossary of the modern age
  18. Is the Catholic Church against women
  19. Why not women priests?
  20. Why can't priests get married?
  21. Why is the Catholic Church so slow to change?
  22. Why not sex before marriage?
  23. What is wrong with Planned Parenthood?
  24. What's wrong with masturbation?
  25. What's wrong with In Vitro Fertilization?
  26. Is anal sex ok between married couples as foreplay?
  27. Are sex toys Ok as foreplay for married couples?
  28. What is a lay Chistian and how should they live?
  29. Is Yoga OK for Christian Catholics?
  30. The Matrix Movie and Christianity
  31. Video on Chastity
  32. A response to John Lennon's "Imagine"
  33. Liberation Theology and Social Justice
  34. Summary of Authentic Catholic Social teaching
  35. Does the Church teach that a person who commits suicide automatically goes to hell?
  36. Is DMT a god drug, is it dangerous?
  37. Lust Recovery support group
  38. Is same sex attraction intrinsically disordered?
  39. Bible verses on celibacy
  40. Family Mission Statement
  41. Consecration to Jesus through St. Joseph
  42. Why is Lord of the Rings better than Harry Potter for Christians

The Apocalypse and the coming persecution

  1. Spiritual Preparations: How to get ready spiritually
  2. Circumstancial preparations: the logistics of what to do and how to do it
  3. What to DO when persecution hits
  4. What to BELIEVE when persecution hits
  5. Is the Apocalypse coming?
  6. What do we do with Fr. Michel Rodrigues?
  7. Benedict Option Book Review
  8. Live Not By Lies: A manual for Christian Dissidents, book summary
  9. How to quit Facebook and Twitter, we did too!
  10. Is Bitcoin a good idea for Catholics and Evangelical Christians?
  11. Who is Helena Blavatsky, why does it matter?
  12. Chastisements in the Book of Revelation
  13. Pre-Trib vs Post-Trib Rapture
  14. The Era of Peace after the Tribulation, Bible prophesy
  15. The Era of Peace after the Tribulation, popes prophesy
  16. The Era of Peace after the Tribulation, Early Church Fathers prophesy
  17. Compare the Era of Peace after the Tribulation to Millenarianism
  18. UFO Deception of the antichrist
  19. UFOs and aliens: The great deception
  20. The scientific case against UFOs
  21. Unnatural UFO movement against gravity
  22. Richard Rohr, UFOs and the Great Reset
  23. Interdimentional UFOs and the Multiverse
  24. UFOs and aliens: The great deception
  25. Jimmy Akin and Matt Fradd on aliens
  26. Aliens, antichrist and Demons
  27. The Bible and UFOs
  28. Christianity and UFOs
  29. Catholicism and UFOs
  30. Pagan religions and UFOs
  31. UFOs as a universal sci-fi religion
  32. Fr James Martin, protege of Richard Rohr
  33. 48 characteristics of the Antichrist
  34. Artificial Intelligence Singularity and antichrist
  35. End Times Timeline : Catholic vs Evangelical
  36. Mysterious World of Jimmy Akin


  1. Timeline of Catholic Church
  2. Timeline of how the Bible came to us
  3. Why did the Church move to Rome from Jerusalem?
  4. Where is Golgotha
  5. Vatican says Protestant communities are not churches
  6. Vatican Questions & Answers on the meaning of the word "Church"
  7. Indulgences scandal of 1500's
  8. Did Catholics invent Secular Humanism? (Part 1 introduction)
  9. Did Catholics invent Secular Humanism? (Part 2- Greek)
  10. Did Catholics invent Secular Humanism? (Part 3 - Renaissance)
  11. Did Catholics invent Secular Humanism? (Part 4 - Modern Church)
  12. Francis Schaeffer's accusations, with responses (Part 5)
  13. Was Hitler Catholic, Christian
  14. Was Pius XII silent, wimpy, and anti-Semitic
  15. The Pope's famous speech about "evil and inhuman" acts by Mohammed and about the relationship of Reason and Faith and the Dehellenization of Christianity
  16. Pope Benedict XVI's first Mass Homily
  17. Inquisition
  18. Anathemas
  19. Did Catholics rewrite the 10 Commandments?
  20. 12 Days of Christmas - the true meaning of the song
  21. Joan of Arc
  22. Galileo
  23. Was Goliath a blind, lumbering spas like Malcolm Gladwell asserts
  24. Corrupt Monasteries?
  25. Why did the Catholic Church forbid Bible reading?
  26. Did the Church squash the Medieval (women) mystics?
  27. Did St. Cyril kill Hypatia?
  28. Did religion cause more war related deaths
  29. Why didn't early Christians graft into the Jewish way of doing things?
  30. Catholic Church Castrations
  31. Witch Burnings during the Inquisition
  32. Were Irenaeus, Theodoret of Cyrus and Augustine Anti-Eucharist?
  33. Text of the Didache
  34. Did Jesus literally spend 72 hours in the tomb?
  35. Slavery in the Bible

Vatican II - Modernism - liberal bubble after VII

  1. General discussion of Vatican II and Modernism
  2. Pastoral Constitution On the Church In the Modern World - Gaudium et Spes
  3. Dogmatic Constitution of the Church - Lumen Gentium
  4. Dogmatic Constitution On Divine Revelation - Dei Verbum
  5. On the Sacred Liturgy - Sacrosanctum Concilium
  6. Declaration on the Relation of the Church to non-christian religions - Nostra Aetate
  7. Conciliar Decree On the Ministry and Life of Priests - Presbyterorum Ordinis
  8. The "Unam Santum"
  9. Is the New Mass (Novus Ordo) a product of Freemasonry?
  10. Intro to the Catholic Church liberal pages
  11. Is the Lumen Gentium a doorway to every religion
  12. An exchange with a liberal "catholic"
  13. Pope Francis' turbulent papacy
  14. The culture wars have come to the Catholic Church, what are faithful Catholics to do?
  15. Is Vatican II full of ambiguities?
  16. Is Theology of the Body overly sexual?
  17. Modernism in the Catholic Church
  18. Disunity among those critical of Vatican II
  19. Have popes since the council been weak
  20. Is John Paul II's Theology of the Body (TOB) overly sexual
  21. New Age
  22. Relativism
  23. Do Muslims pray to the same God?
  24. What is wrong with Liberation Theology?
  25. Is Communion in the hand unworthy reception?
  26. Part 1: Richard Rohr's popularity, his strategies to gain credibility and silence objections (This article)
  27. Part 2: Richard Rohr's views compared to the Bible
  28. Part 3: Richard Rohr on social and moral issues
  29. Part 4: Richard Rohr on Catholic doctrine
  30. Part 5: Richard Rohr and the Great Reset
  31. Part 6: Richard Rohr and UFOs


  1. When does life begin?
  2. Hugh's testimony of abortion
  3. What's Wrong with Abortion?
  4. Contraception
  5. A Woman's Testimony of Abortion
  6. Dana's Pro-Life Testimony
  7. Pro-Life Songs
  8. Abortion Song - Let them Live
  9. Whose body is it?
  10. Is it OK to use graphic images in prolife work?


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  10. The Spiritual Masters, The exponential Growth of the Catholic Church in Relation to Monastic Orders

Pope Benedict's comments unpopular with the press

  1. Pope's comments on condoms in Africa
  2. Pope Benedict's "controversial" speech re: Mohammed & Islam in 2006

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