Christian Music & Art great Catholic singer/songwriter/evangelist  thousands gather at the Toronto Convention Centre every year A Catholic band with a youth focus & kick Two brothers, Chris and Tom Reitz

Youth Talks, videos, music/

Prolife Canada's source for Prolife issues Healing spiritually and psychologically after abortion Priest's who are on fire for the Lord and pro-life issues Exposing the injustice of abortion  Ministry for women who have had abortions Public awareness by people who have had abortions  Healing weekends and prayer for women who have had an abortion Information for post-abortion healing

Catholic Pilgrimage Agency

General Catholic Stuff Catholic Campus Outreach A great site for youth Tackles the big questions youth have Coming home Network - for Evangelical Pastors Archdiocese of Ottawa official Vatican web site
Vatican position paper on the New Age Mother Angelica's super Catholic thing  Catholic Information Network since 1987 Steve Ray's site and Catholic Discussion A super order of priests in the Spirit Kevin Knight's site, with Catholic Encyclopedia Catholic World News Catholic resources with a Canadian focus Great site for Catholic women Catholic Education Resource Center  Ottawa French youth for Christ Professor Felix Just's Site tons of great “general Catholic stuff”
Joan of Arc Information Confessions of a Born Again Catholic (book by a Catholic reverted lawyer)

Bible Study  Sacred Scripture, the Catechism of the Catholic Church, Church and papal documents, Church fathers, ancient Jewish sources, ancient and modern Catholic Biblical commentaries, and historical and archeological information.  FREE, no registration needed.  Bible studies on the Sunday liturgical readings. FREE, no registration needed. Dr. Scott Hahn’s site. Online Bible studies.

Apologetics A major evangelization initiative for the digital world launched in 2011 from Rome apologetics a resource of Apologetics links  Dave Armstrong's Site   Bible based examination of Catholic Doctrine