Scenic Photos of Canada and USA

I've been travelling (playing music, and working) and took these pictures along the way.
These are low resolution copies. ©2004-2011 Hugh
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Old quebec chateau frontenac

Above: Old Quebec, Lower City, Chateau Frontenac


Banff, in the Canadian Rocky Montains

lake louise

Lake Louise, in the Canadian Rocky Mountains

Bow Lake

Bow Lake, the Canadian Rocky Mountains

BOw Lake

BOw Lake

Bow Lake, in the Canadian Rockies


Route I-93, Canadian Rocky Mountains

Atheasca River

Athabasca River, Canadian Rocky Mountains


Route I-93, through the Canadian Rockies

Parliament fireworks Ottawa

Parliament Hill on Canada's Birthday, Ottawa, my home town


Rideau Canal, Ottawa, Canada, my home town

rock calabogie

Calabogie, Ontario in December


My hometown Ottawa, Canada, after snowfall

ottawa winter

They were re-doing the roof next to my apartment in Ottawa Canada, it is a cold winter. Winter 2005

still life

Below my balcony was a parked car and through the sun roof was a natural still life. June 2005

Nova Scotia out of the Cockpit of 4 seater airplane, 2004



Above and Below: Time Square, New York City


I have a story about the wide angle lens. I got a rock bottom deal on it from a Time Square merchant, $400 (down from $645).
But I looked it up on the internet when I got home and it goes for $60, Ouch!!!... burned in NYC...
You'd think I would know better after having lived there for 5 years.
So enjoy the wide angle shots folks, they cost me an arm and a leg.

New York street

I got brave and put the camera on the busy New York street at 10pm. 34th & 8th Ave.

busy broadway

Multicultural NYC.

rebuild world trade centre

Rebuilding the World Trade Center. Completed in 2010.


Overlooking where the World Trade Center towers came down, from the Atrium.
The empty space in front of the windows is where the World Trade Center used to be.

seattle lighthouse

Lighthouse, Seattle, Washington, USA

Boston Harbour

Downtown Boston from across the harbour, USA

reflrction cottage

An hour from my house is Calabogie

Chicago airport

Chicago Airport

embassy hotel

Embassy Hotel Chicago

train station cealing

Glass ceiling at Chicago train station

sears tower

Sears Tower Chicago

indie football

I took this photo outside the stadium in Indiana, it is a poster near a flag. America's unoffical national sport. That year they won the superbowl.

rear view sunset

This is one of my favourite all-time photos. I looked in the rear view mirror in Richmond, Ohio
and got a fast hand on my camera to catch the sunset in the rearview mirror.


Middle America at its best. Richmond Ohio, October, 2006


War Monument, Indianapolis, Illinois

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