Why should Christians quit Facebook?
We said "goodbye" and we think you might want to consider ending this relationship too

We've been a moderate and reconciling voice, and we haven't had any incidents with Facebook. However, we quit Facebook. There are several reasons for taking step:

  • They filter search results to shape public opinion to their own narrative, which in many ways is against the faith.
  • They deplatform Christians who hold orthodox opinions, which they claim are unacceptable.
  • Participation on those platforms in the future will be unsafe for Christians.

We don't know if the biblical apocalypse is coming soon. It looks like it! However, almost all faithful Christians agree that a major persecution is coming. We think all serious Christians should consider quitting Facebook and Twitter, NOW!

How to quit Facebook

  1. Send notification to all your contacts and ask them for other ways to connect (email, phone, postal address, or other platforms such as MeWe). We suggest you get as much contact information from your close contacts as possible because in the future various communication channels may be shut down to Christians (Don't ask them to post that information. Have them email it).
  2. Follow the instructions on Facebook on how to delete or suspend your account. Note: Facebook may NEVER delete your account from their internal servers. However, the general public will no longer have access to it. For the time being, those who persecute Christians will not have access to it.
  3. Tell your Christian friends to do the same.

Where to find us

  • We will maintain our website www.CatholicBridge.com for as long as possible. Please write down our URL and type it directly into the address bar. We don't know how much longer Google will provide links to faithful Catholic sites.
  • Twitter seems to be OK for now and we have an account
  • For those who would like to follow us on Social Media, we have moved over to MeWe. Note there are indications that MeWe is drifting into sensorship of conservative voices. Some are advocating for Gab.com as an alternative. We will continue to evaluate.
  • You can also email us directly at catholicbridge@yahoo.com.

Its very sad that we have to do this, but we expect this is only the beginning. Stay faithful friends.

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