UFOs as a Religion

UFology takes many cues from the True Faith, and it has carefully constructed its own promulgation on the model of Christian Religion.

Components of Christian Religion Perversion in UFology
The persecuted prophets of Salvation History leading up to the revelation of Christ The persecuted early promoters of UFO/ET sightings, leading up to the “Day of Disclosure”
The Pharisees crafting a conspiracy and claiming the Resurrection was faked, and that Jesus’ body was simply stolen The government crafting a conspiracy to cover up UFO craft and retrievals of alien bodies
The account of Creation and Salvation History in Scripture, wherein mankind has been guided for millennia by the Holy Spirit A diabolical creation myth, wherein mankind has been guided for millennia by extraterrestrials, or was even created by them
The Four Evangelists authoring the Gospels Several men authoring foundational UFO/ET texts
Evangelization: each Christian has a mission to proclaim the Faith Each ET believer has a duty to spread “ET awareness” and contribute to “ontological shock” Profession of Faith ET/UFO “True Believers” denounce any skepticism
Liturgy Communal ET-contact sessions (e.g. “CE5”) & UFO-chasing Private revelations and mysticism Alien abductees announce what they were told and shown
Prayer and contemplation Astral-projection and remote viewing
Eschatology: hope in Christ’s triumph and His coming Anticipation of an imminent techno-utopia heralded by the arrival of the ETs
A complete worldview based on the Word of God A complete worldview based on UFOs, ETs, multiverse-theory, evolution, & interdimensionality

In this regard, however, perhaps the clearest aspect of this diabolical effort to ape the things of God is found in the Ufologists’ insistence that the aliens are capable, through their technology, of all the same basic categories of miracles that Christ used to prove his Divinity and thus demonstrate the truth of the Faith.

There are several accomplishments in particular which Christians are instructed, through the Gospel, to regard as physically impossible; precisely because Jesus chose these feats to demonstrate His dominion and thus His Divinity. Therefore, for a Christian to suppose that such feats as these could be accomplished through technology, is to succumb to deception merely by entertaining the possibility, and implicitly undermine the very fundamental source of Christianity’s authenticity. Let us review each.

Miracle Demonstrating Christ’s Divinity UFO Deception Aping God
Instantaneous healings (abundant in the Gospels) Many claims of healings through ETs
Multiplication of Loaves and Fishes (Matthew 14) :Law of Conservation of Mass superseded UFOs are said to be similarly capable of violating Conservation of Mass, e.g., radically and instantaneously changing size
Walking on the water (Mark 6): Law of Gravity superseded UFOs are said to have technological mastery over gravity
Knowing the unknowable: the future (e.g., Matthew 24, Matthew 17:24-27), a person’s secret past (e.g., John 1 & 4); a person’s thoughts (e.g. Matthew 12) Abductees often claim the aliens read their minds and knew their thoughts. Ufologists regularly insist the ETs can describe the future
Instantaneous transformation of the substance of one thing into another (e.g., water turned into wine, cf. John 2) UFOs and ETs can “shapeshift” and become completely different entities in an instant
Teleportation (e.g., after the Resurrection, Jesus would appear inside a locked room, cf. John 20) UFOs are frequently said to be able to disappear and immediately reappear elsewhere
Power over the weather (e.g., Jesus calms the storm, cf. Mark 4) UFO sightings often recount major weather modifications by these “alien” craft
Raising the dead: Lazarus (John 11), Jairus’ daughter (Mark 5), the Widow’s Son (Luke 7), and above all, Himself (The Resurrection) (This, the ultimate proof of Christ’s Divinity is also the hardest for demons to fake, hence the relative rarity of such claims. Be on guard, though, for when such claims proliferate. Although they will be deceptions, they may be a sign of the proximity of the formal opening of the Great Deception.)

NOTE: This article includes some exerpts and/or summaries from Daniel O'Conner's book " Only Man Bears his Image".

This is an excerpt/summary of some of the key points in Daniel O'Conner's book " Only Man Bears his Image" (released Oct. 2023). This book is a watershed work in the fight for the heart of the Church. O'Connor, Daniel (pp. 429-432). St. Joseph's Solutions