Scenic Photos of Europe

I've been travelling (playing music, and working) and took these pictures along the way.
These are low resolution copies. ©2004-2011 Hugh
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Venice at night
Below: Coliseum in Rome


Above and below: Cévère France at dawn

Above and below: Cébère, France

Sunrise in Southern France

Rome at night


Rome at dusk

Rome at night

Above: A dog I saw in Belgium

Shopping Mall in Paris

Armed guards at Le Louvre

Lourdes, France was so beautiful.

You've heard of the black sheep of the family...well here's the white duck! Lourdes, France.


Repair to monument in Brussels, Belgium.

The Eiffel Tower, Paris.

Above: Le Louvre, Paris

Above and below: the business district of Paris

Paris business park

Above: A metaphorical photo of the chains of this world in front of the ocean of mercy, Cébère, France

Above: In Auschwitz, a polish soldier Stefan Jasienski, etched a sacred heart of Jesus into the cement wall of his cell. He also drew himself in the picture. His arms are around Jesus' waist. He likely was killed soon after.

Above: Barbed wire at Auschwitz, it was very moving to be there.