UFOs Unnatural Movements
The laws of physics are universal

This article includes excerpts and/or summaries from Daniel O'Connor's book "Only Man Bears his Image"

All technologies that operate in the universe are subject the laws of physics, regardless of the innovation aliens develop to operate within these laws.

“An object in motion stays in motion with the same speed and direction unless acted upon by a force. The rate of change of momentum of an object is equal to the force applied to that object. For every action there is an opposite and equal reaction.” —Cf. Sir Isaac Newton

High velocity, or a sudden change of velocity from one direction to the opposite direction

Below is a fairly typical recounting of an alien sighting.

Like American observations, the Soviet Air Force had many instances in which UFOs were observed hovering, then departing at great speed. Some of these reports estimated the craft to be ...more than 600 feet [in diameter] with speeds ranging from hovering to triple the capability of modern fighters, yet then stopping again instantaneously. Other reports indicated that the UFOs displayed “startling maneuverability,” yet made no sound. An investigation claimed that the UFO observed “was completely devoid of inertia. In other words, they had somehow ‘come to terms’ with gravity ... Approaching the UFO, [one fighter pilot] reported the size of the target ...”the proportions of a flying aircraft carrier.” ...then suddenly the UFO took off at amazing speed. [He] estimated that it went from stationary to Mach 10 almost instantaneously.[181]

Let's make some calculations for this “flying aircraft carrier” which “almost instantaneously” accelerated from being stationary to Mach 10 (7,672 miles per hour).

How much kinetic energy is required?

For the weight of the aircraft we'll use 100 million kilograms which is weight of an aircraft carrier as per the pilot's description of the mass of the UFO. An object moving at Mach 10 would require an amount of energy determined by this calculation:

requirements of UFO kenetic energy


  • KE = kinetic energy
  • m = mass of a body
  • v = velocity of a body

Kinetic Energy = 1/2 * 100,000,000 kg * 7,672 mph ^2

This comes to 5.8 x 10^14 Joules, or about 167,000 megawatt hours. This is over a hundred times as much energy as is consumed by the entire city of New York over the course of a day, and about ten times the amount of energy released by the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima. If such an extraordinary amount of energy was generated by any craft whatsoever—regardless of what hypothetical advanced alien technology could possibly be used to generate it—such an event would be overwhelmingly obvious (not to mention, destructive) to anyone within a massive radius.

Such pressures would immediately disintegrate even the strongest theoretically possible material object for this craft, and would likewise immediately liquefy any pilot inside the craft, regardless of its own makeup or its own supposed “advanced stage of evolution.”

This kinetic energy is required to cause a single maneuver of 10 milliseconds. Each acceleration—and deceleration, and each turn—would require similar emissions of this unthinkable energy quantity.

How much power is required?

Power is energy (work) divided by time.

power equation

Releasing the amount of energy at play (6x10^14 Joules) over the course of 10 milliseconds entails a power consumption of 6x10^16 watts (sixty thousand trillion watts). This amount of power is not merely 100 times what is consumed by New York City (as discussed earlier); rather, it is over ten million times as much. It is also more than 21,000 times as much power as is consumed by the entire world—enough power to supply a world of 90 trillion inhabitants at current usage.

If even a fraction of UFOlogists' claims were true, the mere heat generated by these accelerations and decelerations would long ago have boiled off all our oceans and cooked the entire surface of the planet. Note that, to decelerate an object, one must convert all that object’s kinetic energy into thermal energy dispersed into the surrounding environment. This is why brake pads become so hot, it is why rockets burn up on re-entering the atmosphere, and it is why we see “shooting stars” (which are meteorites igniting due to their friction with earth’s atmosphere).

Therefore, while the accelerations of these UFOs would impart astounding amounts of heat to the environment (even the most advanced theoretically possible means of propulsion would lose at least 10% of their energy to heat—your own car likely loses about 70% of its energy to heat when accelerating), the decelerations would—by definition—impart all of their energy, as heat, into the surrounding environment.

UFOlogists are realizing that their assertions cannot sustain honest scientific examination and they have begun to move into the multiverse model where aliens just appear from the "other side" rather than from a distant planet. It is our assertion that the other "reality" from which they are appearing is the spiritual world. Such phenomena, if and when they are truly observed, are diabolical in origin, which may be why modern academia is spending so much energy trying to relegate discussion of the demonic to the realm of medieval uneducated myth. Nothing could be more pleasing to the devil.