Bounce Back Album by Catholic Bridge

Purchasing music is a great way to support our work. Bounce Back contains some of our best work to date. High energy Christ-centred youth cuts with catchy hooks and infectious grooves. Several beautiful worship songs, including "Across" which received much airplay on Christian radio.

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Lyrics to the songs on Bounce Back
(in alphebetical order)


Across all time
Across all space
Across all lands
Across all race
Your Cross is healing

Across my heart
Across my pain
Across my life
I give you reign
Your Cross is healing me

As I eat this Bread
As I drink this wine
I can feel your heart
Beating in mine
You are flowing through me
With every breath that I breathe
You are setting me free
With all the faithful of history
Your Cross is healing me

You are the Holy One
You are all that I need
Into the risen Son
I am being released
Your cross is healing me

Across all time
Across all space

By ©2008 SOCAN
Because of Who You Are

There's a child reaching out tonight
I see him standing in your Holy Light
With his brother standing by his side
Got a fire burning deep inside
There are families that are torn apart
We're trying to find the pieces to our broken hearts
Lord have mercy as we call on your Name

We are weak
but You are strong
As we weep (on our knees)
You give us what we need to carry on
Who are we
That you poured out your love
It's because of who You are

There's a river running through the field
Giving life to the farmer's seed
There's a River running through the pain
Gives us hope so we can start again
There's a Light shining in the dark
So we can find the pieces of our broken hearts
Lord have mercy as we call on your Name

Some things in life are hard understand
Only in the depths of your love is there an answer
To the questions hidden deep inside our hearts
Where we can find hope to make a brand new start

By ©  June 23,2004

Recording Credits
Vocals, 6 string guitar & programming, 
production by
12 String Guitar, Bass & Bg Vocals by Dennis Girard

God Loves Me

I was wandering around
All over the place
I wanted to escape into outer space
Now i know
God loves me

I was wandering around
in a world of doubt
But now i want to jump and scream and shout
Tell everybody God loves me


God loves me
When i'm up or down
God loves me
When i'm on the ground
God loves me
I feel him all around
(when he doesn't make a sound)
(When i think he's not around)

It's such a strange feeling
To come over me
It took 24 years for me to finally see it
better late than never
God loves me

God loves me

I'll never have to make it
on my very own
i know i'll never have t be alone
I've got Jesus
God loves me

God loves you


He Rose Again

We believe in God the Father, Almighty
Creator of heaven and earth
We believe in Jesus Christ,
His only Son, our Lord
He was conceived by the Holy Spirit
Born of the Virgin Mary
Suffered under Pontius Pilate
Crucified and died was buried

He descended to the dead:
But on the third day

He Rose again, took my shame
He Rose again, took my blame
He Rose again, wrote my name
In the Book of Life

He ascended into heaven
Seated at the right hand of Father
Come again to judge the living and the dead
We believe in the Holy Spirit:
Holy catholic church
Communion of saint:
The forgiveness of sins:
The resurrection of the body:
And the life everlasting.

He descended to the dead:
But on the third day ...

By ©2003 SOCAN

Home to Rome

What can I say on a day like today
When my best friends have found their way
To the church where they belong
After searching for so long
Heaven rejoices on a day like today

Hail Holy Queen of hearts
You lit a candle in the dark
On the road from Calvary
The North South the East and the West winds
Are all blowing in the same direction
Bringing you home
Home to Rome

One to one, heart to heart
What God has joined, nothing can take apart
The union of your spirits
Is heaven’s call to witness
To the one blood, one body

Heaven and earth are here rejoicing
A cloud of witnesses surrounding us with love
The angles and saints are singing Holy
Holy is the Name, of our Lord Jesus

By ©2006 SOCAN
(For my friend Dennis Girard
and his wife Angelina for their marriage
in the Catholic Church)
I Am the Resurrection

When the Lord was thirty He went out to the desert
The devil tried to get Him but heaven was better
He listened to every word the father said
He could hear me talking inside his head
He got up on the mountain and started preaching
Opened up the scripture to a brand new teaching
“Hey everybody listen what I say
I am the Truth the Light the Way”


I am the resurrection
Your power and your protection
I am the resurrection
And the life, life, life
I am the celebration
The hope of every nation
I am the resurrection
And the life, life, life
For everyone who believes

He went into the village and cured the lame
He cast out demons in his holy name
He chased the moneychangers from his father’s house
Then stood up and showed them what it’s all about
They took Him and they bound and brought Him to pilot
Pilot didn’t want Him so they started a riot
Crucify Him crucify is what they said
They didn’t know what they were doing
Wwhen they wanted Him dead

A dark day on Calvary, Stripped of all his dignity
His mother watched in misery,
As He breathed his last
They buried Him inside a cave,
Rolled the stone and walked away
And wondered how he’d ever save,
A world that didn’t know his name
But on the blessed day, the angel came to say
Why look among the dead for the living,
The stone was rolled away

By ©2001 SOCAN
(written for the "Festival of Religious" song)
Oui Je Le Veux

Don de Dieu pour la vie du monde
Fais-nous comprendre ce que Tu fécondes
L'incarnation du Verbe fait chair
Le Pain de Vie pour guérir la terre

Vous trouverez en regardant l'Église
L'union parfaite et éternelle promise
Un seul corps donné en héritage
Modèle pour votre propre mariage

Tu nous donnes ta vie
Nous offre la vie
et l'avons en abundance

I say I do I give it all to you
I say I do, you came to set me free
Oui je le veux, je le veux mon Dieu
Oui je le veux, car tu me donnes ta vie
Signeur, oui je le veux

When we come to receive communion
We are entering a blessed union
One body from every nation
Sons and daughters of salvation
A mirror of this perfect unity
Is a man and wife in unity
They come together as one creation
One body in celebration

 When a man and a wife
Create a new life
All of the angels sing

By ©2007 SOCAN
Theme song for "Le Monte Jeunesse" 2007

Lady of Sweet Guadelupe

Mother Mary you knew me
Before I ever knew you
You could see me walking
Deep into the dark

You were waiting for me
You were praying for me
To Jesus my Lord and Saviour

You are praying for the lost
'Cause you know the cost
That he paid out on the Cross


Ave Maria, Ave Maria
Queen of the Angeles
Our Lady of sweet Guadeupe

Jesus looked upon you
Gave his son John to you
You shall be his mother
You shall be your son
In that special moment
Of our Lord's atonement
You became the mother
of everyone

By ©2006 SOCAN
(written for the "Festival of Marian Song" Guatemala)

Life, the First Human Right



Life, no love could be deeper
Life, no gift could be sweeter
Life, the work of the Healer
The first human right
Life, the hope of the nation
Life, the next generation
Life, the greatest creation
The first human right, Life

We cannot kill and call it freedom
As we walk the shifting sand
In the darkness on the road
That takes us to a nowhere land
The children are human
Can you hear the beating hearts

We’re in a crisis as the morals
All around us tumble down
We cannot euthanize
We cannot push our parents in the ground
Life must be higher
Than any other right

by © 2008
March for Life Theme 2008

Madre de la Humanidad

María me conocías
antes que yo a ti
Verme podías
cuando en pecado viví

Estabas esperándome,
estabas orando por mí
a Jesús mi salvador

Ora por el pecador
pues tú sabes el precio
que en la Cruz se pagó


Ave María, Ave María
Todos los ángeles
cantan honor a ti.

Jesús te miraba
y a Juan él te entregó.
Con amor te decía:
“Tu hijo él será”.

En aquel momento,
el sacrificio del Señor,
Él te hizo  Madre de la Humanidad

Ave María, Madre de la Humanidad

©2006 spanish translation- Margot Zunino
(written for the "Festival of Marian" song in Guatemala)

Man of God

Lord God, I come here before you
To lift you up to praise and adore you
Fill me up with the air of your presence
Lord God, fill up all of my senses
I want to be everything that you‘ve written on my heart
Help me Lord


I want to be a Man of God
Singing and praising
The Lamb of God, King of all Ages
Take away all of these dark empty places
Hidden inside my heart, oh Jesus
Make me a man of God.

I want to be what you want me to be
I want to see what you want me to see
I want to hear what you are saying
Lord God this is what I am praying
I want to be everything
that you‘ve written on my heart
Help me Lord

Lord God, there’s a tempest around me
This world is trying to shake and confound me
Lift me up when they’re trying to drown me
Lord God, let your spirit surround me
I want to be everything
that you‘ve written on my heart

by ©2004
For Pentecostal Men's Retreat

Yes To Life

In 1930 a storm was raging
Christians divided
but the Truth was unchanging
The floodgates broke
Evil awoke
The devil spoke
to life he said “No!”

But there was a prophet
Who spoke to the nations
Pope Paul the VI held the wisdom of ages
He said…

Yes to Life (3x)
Between a man and a wife (Yes to You Jesus)
Yes to Life

Four generations have come and gone
The cultural of death is still raging on
Adultery, abortion, divorce and diseases
Are the fruits of the devil
When he gets what he pleases

But we are an army whose numbers are growing
We will not stop ‘til the last trumpet’s blowing
We say…

(repeat chorus)

Love is patient Love is kind
Love is open to the author of life
Love will overcome the darkness of evil
Cause the angels are praying with all of God’s people

They sing…

(repeat chorus)

© 2006 SOCAN
Theme for Humanae Vitae conference with Janet Smith

Vocals, instruments, production & engineering by
Backing vocals by Eileen Dalpra