Imagine No Salvation

As a response to John Lennon's "Imagine":

Imagine no salvation
-for you or anyone-
No God to love us
or give his only Son
Imagine no forgiveness
Living in our sin…

Imagine there’s no homeland
- It doesn’t make us hate -
Where is your nameless country
and what will be its fate?
Imagine the poor people
Living in this lie …

Imagine no religion
“Its poison”, said Chairman Mao
He killed 60 million
and you blame religion now?
Imagine there’s no freedom
seeking for the Truth…

Imagine no possessions
-Though not for our true home-
How can you give away things
you’re not allowed to own?
Imagine first the Kingdom
Trusting in the Lord…

Imagine “Peace” in your State
-Religion now is done-
"Tolerance" a slogan used
to not tolerate someone
Imagine engineering
our society...

Are visible boundaries
The only which divide?
Or are these hardened hearts from
An emptiness inside?
Imagine faiths and nations
living in new love…

You can see I’m a Christian
-I hope Heaven is for all -
Men and women and all children
Redeemed forever from the Fall

Imagine there’s no justice
-what did Jesus say?-
He knew we are free to choose
Heaven or hell someday
Imagine all eternity
Losing for ourselves

Imagine there’s no meaning
Freedom‘s what you invent
to claim there’s no right or wrong
Wasn’t that your intent?
Imagine fallen angels
Prowling for our souls…

Imagine there's no children
-We didn’t let them stay-
They were no longer sacred
and they got in our way
Imagine our own culture
Sloping towards death...

Imagine this false prophet
-People led astray -
Nightmare dreams, sugar-coated
The world has lost its way
Flattering lies singing:
“It shall be well with you!”…

And to you of stubborn conscience
your vain hopes are increased
as delusional visions cry
“Peace peace”, when there is no peace!

This world's yoke is not easy
- even if you try -
Easier God's mercy than
what you can justify
Imagine lighter burdens
It isn't hard to do...

Imagine a cross so heavy
-The weight of our offense -
The Son of God who offers
a victory immense
Imagine taking up your cross
Dying to yourself...

Wake from your sleep, gentle dreamer
Jesus lives, be not afraid
Christ has died and is risen
Live in freedom, our guilt repaid

The brotherhood of man is
a notion that I laud
Though we are but orphans without
the fatherhood of God
Repent for greed, share the world,

Let us feed his sheep…

So I say you are mistaken
and you’re not the only one
Let’s forgive and be forgiven,
And in the Father, we’ll live as one

Donald M. Easter 2011