Glossary of the modern age

Here are a few words that, in our opinion have been warped out of shape by modern society. This is what they appear to mean to the New Age, and much of secular society.

Tolerance:  Everything is acceptable --- except of course Christianity, the Bible, and traditional morality. They are intolerable.

Inclusiveness: Everyone is welcome to join in and have a say. Especially those who would like to tear down morality. Inclusiveness does not include Christians who actually believe and vocalize what Christ taught. They are "obnoxious" and should be excluded. Fathers who are supporting a family with an "at home mother" are also not welcome.

Diversity:  Everything on the fringe is worthy of acceptance and the traditional values and Christianity that were at the centre are to be pushed to the outside so that "humanism" and paganism can move to the centre. Once the Christianity is moved to the fringe, the "diversity door" closes. The fringe groups remain at the centre while the displaced Christianity is to be ignored.

Hate:  This word has displaced the word "discipline". A parent who disciplines their child is now "hateful". Exposing a group's blatant immortality is now called "hate". Telling the truth about a philosophy or lifestyle that is immoral is now called "hate". "Hate" does not apply to the abuse of pro-lifers or Christians. Condemnation of them is fine in our post-modern society.