About Us

My wife Diane and I come from very different backgrounds. For her, the Catholic Church was the fulfillment of her search which began in childhood as a young faithful Evangelical. For me, it was the antidote to a worldly ambitious life that began in a non-practising Presbyterian family. Jesus has touched each of us in a powerful way and has drawn us into this life together.

We love praising Jesus with anyone who has had a personal encounter with Him. Sometimes our Evangelical friends ask us sincere questions like: Are Catholics Christian?...Is the Catholic Church Bible based?...Why are you guys so into Mary?... Isn't Jesus about relationship and not religion?...Don't Catholics think they can work their way into heaven? ... and so on.

We strive for fidelity and accuracy to the authentic teachings of the Catholic Church, in accordance with the Magisterial teachings of the church. If you notice something that is not consistent with the Catechism, or any other magisterial document, please notify us.

The story of how this web site came about is here. You can also read Diane's Testimony and Hugh's testimony.

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