Children's Catholic Songs

CD coverHugh was quite surprised at his concerts when so many children ran up to the front and started singing along and doing the hand gestures. He invited them up on stage and it began a regular part of concerts at places like Catholic Family Land. More and more we've been hearing about children playing Hugh's CD (sometimes more than the parent who bought them for themselves!) And so we've decided to provide a separate download page of songs that children ages 2-12 love, and which provide a solid message to children. We hope you enjoy them.

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Kids' Collection

Lyrics to these children's songs (and more)
(in alphebetical order)

God Loves Me

I was wandering around
All over the place
I wanted to escape into outer space
Now i know
God loves me

I was wandering around
in a world of doubt
But now i want to jump and scream and shout
Tell everybody God loves me


God loves me
When i'm up or down
God loves me
When i'm on the ground
God loves me
I feel him all around
(when he doesn't make a sound)
(When i think he's not around)

It's such a strange feeling
To come over me
It took 24 years for me to finally see it
better late than never
God loves me

God loves me

I'll never have to make it
on my very own
i know i'll never have t be alone
I've got Jesus
God loves me

God loves you


He Rose Again

We believe in God the Father, Almighty
Creator of heaven and earth
We believe in Jesus Christ,
His only Son, our Lord
He was conceived by the Holy Spirit
Born of the Virgin Mary
Suffered under Pontius Pilate
Crucified and died was buried

He descended to the dead:
But on the third day

He Rose again, took my shame
He Rose again, took my blame
He Rose again, wrote my name
In the Book of Life

He ascended into heaven
Seated at the right hand of Father
Come again to judge the living and the dead
We believe in the Holy Spirit:
Holy catholic church
Communion of saint:
The forgiveness of sins:
The resurrection of the body:
And the life everlasting.

He descended to the dead:
But on the third day ...

By ©2003 SOCAN

I am God's Idea

I am God's idea,
I did not come by chance
I am God's idea
I'm not a happenstance

I am God's idea,
Sent to you in His time
While I've come from the heart of God
I'm part of His design

Born to live in His love
In His image am I
Born to know and to love him
And to serve him till I die

And when you are old
I will care for you
I will be the eyes and ears
And the voice that sings in you

By Gregory Floyd

I Am the Resurrection

When the Lord was thirty He went out to the desert
The devil tried to get Him but heaven was better
He listened to every word the father said
He could hear me talking inside his head
He got up on the mountain and started preaching
Opened up the scripture to a brand new teaching
“Hey everybody listen what I say
I am the Truth the Light the Way”


I am the resurrection
Your power and your protection
I am the resurrection
And the life, life, life
I am the celebration
The hope of every nation
I am the resurrection
And the life, life, life
For everyone who believes

He went into the village and cured the lame
He cast out demons in his holy name
He chased the moneychangers from his father’s house
Then stood up and showed them what it’s all about
They took Him and they bound and brought Him to pilot
Pilot didn’t want Him so they started a riot
Crucify Him crucify is what they said
They didn’t know what they were doing
Wwhen they wanted Him dead

A dark day on Calvary, Stripped of all his dignity
His mother watched in misery,
As He breathed his last
They buried Him inside a cave,
Rolled the stone and walked away
And wondered how he’d ever save,
A world that didn’t know his name
But on the blessed day, the angel came to say
Why look among the dead for the living,
The stone was rolled away

By ©2001 SOCAN
(written for the "Festival of Religious" song)
Oui Je Le Veux

Don de Dieu pour la vie du monde
Fais-nous comprendre ce que Tu fécondes
L'incarnation du Verbe fait chair
Le Pain de Vie pour guérir la terre

Vous trouverez en regardant l'Église
L'union parfaite et éternelle promise
Un seul corps donné en héritage
Modèle pour votre propre mariage

Tu nous donnes ta vie
Nous offre la vie
et l'avons en abundance

I say I do I give it all to you
I say I do, you came to set me free
Oui je le veux, je le veux mon Dieu
Oui je le veux, car tu me donnes ta vie
Signeur, oui je le veux

When we come to receive communion
We are entering a blessed union
One body from every nation
Sons and daughters of salvation
A mirror of this perfect unity
Is a man and wife in unity
They come together as one creation
One body in celebration

 When a man and a wife
Create a new life
All of the angels sing

By ©2007 SOCAN
Theme song for "Le Monte Jeunesse" 2007

King of Creation

Mary walked into the Son-lit room
Elizabeth's baby leaped inside her womb
for a moment they bowed and prayed
to the Holy One the Light the Way

two thousand years since that glory day
mothers of the world gather in his name (Jesus)
each one is carrying expectant faith
raise your hands everybody and celebrate


let the eagle fly, let the rocks proclaim ...You
let the heavens ring in your Righteous Name
let the rivers overflow with life
for the King of Creation
and the children of the Light

let all the fathers jump for joy
let the Holy Spirit hit the girls and boys
let all the families raise their hands
we're going to rebuild this mighty land

we're going to follow you, we're going to walk the walk
going to build our lives upon a solid Rock (Jesus)
Lord Jesus author of life
You blow away the darkness with your Holy Light

By ©2002

Lady of Sweet Guadelupe

Mother Mary you knew me
Before I ever knew you
You could see me walking
Deep into the dark

You were waiting for me
You were praying for me
To Jesus my Lord and Saviour

You are praying for the lost
'Cause you know the cost
That he paid out on the Cross


Ave Maria, Ave Maria
Queen of the Angeles
Our Lady of sweet Guadeupe

Jesus looked upon you
Gave his son John to you
You shall be his mother
You shall be your son
In that special moment
Of our Lord's atonement
You became the mother
of everyone

By ©2006 SOCAN
(written for the "Festival of Marian Song" Guatemala)

Madre de la Humanidad

María me conocías
antes que yo a ti
Verme podías
cuando en pecado viví

Estabas esperándome,
estabas orando por mí
a Jesús mi salvador

Ora por el pecador
pues tú sabes el precio
que en la Cruz se pagó


Ave María, Ave María
Todos los ángeles
cantan honor a ti.

Jesús te miraba
y a Juan él te entregó.
Con amor te decía:
“Tu hijo él será”.

En aquel momento,
el sacrificio del Señor,
Él te hizo  Madre de la Humanidad

Ave María, Madre de la Humanidad

©2006 spanish translation- Margot Zunino
(written for the "Festival of Marian" song in Guatemala)

María José

The Son is falling
On the Antigua sky
María José is closing her eyes
As she prays for her mother and father and friends
she’s got a new life in Jesus, never going to end

There’s a miracle unfolding with every new day
In a little senorita we call María José
I fall on my knees thank God and pray
For life he’s given to María José

Let her love grow
Into your light
Let her life show
All of your might
Let a choir of angels
Surround all her nights
Let your love shine bright

Te Exaltamus Santo Senor
Dios Nuestro Santo Senor

By © 2004 SOCAN
(written in Guatemala for the
6 year old daughter of the host parents)

Multi-Nation Generation (Light of the World)

we come from Sweden, Poland, Austria
Luxembourg and Portugal, And Romania
Egypt, Ethiopia,
Rwanda, Saudi Arabia, Tanzania
Turkey, Thailand, Bangladesh,
China, Vietnam, North Korea, Cambodia
Burma, Singapore, Japan,
India, Kenya, Pakistan and Mongolia

we are the salt of the earth,
we are the light of the world
a multi-nation
calling out for sweet salvation
a city on a hill, the Light of Jesus,

we come from Israel, Iraq, Iran,
Afghanistan and the Sudan, Bulgaria,
Syria, Congo, Swaziland,
Libya, Zambia, Lebanon, Algeria,
Finland, Iceland, Netherlands
Greenland, Scotland, Ireland
Midway, Guam, Tahiti, Fiji
Cyprus and the Philippines
and New Zealand

Panama Spain and Canada
Tonga, Nicaragua, U. S. of A.,
Cuba, Haiti, Jamaica
Guatemala, Costa Rica
and Paraguay, Venezuela
England, France and Italy
Russia, Denmark and Germany
Australia, Uruguay, Colombia,
Brazil, Peru, Bolivia, and Argentina

Yesterday, and Christ Today, Christ Forever
Jesus saves (Repeat and Chant)

By © 2001


There is nothing else on earth
There is nothing else in heaven
There is nothing higher
That I could ever reach for

Jesus, Jesus
King above all kings
This is all I’m asking…
I want


Nothing! I want nothing more
Nothing! I want nothing less
Nothing! I want nothing else
But your will, your way
I want to go your way (4x)

There are some who play a game
Even as they call your name
But never want to change
You’ll say you never knew them

Jesus, Jesus
King above all kings
This is all I’m asking

In the garden on your knees …you said
Father would you please
take this cup away from me
But let your be done to me
Let me join you on that hill
Let me follow in your will
I know that you will set me free
For all eternity

By © 2008

This song is not yet recorded