London, Stonehenge and Scotland

I've been travelling (playing music, and working) and took these pictures along the way.
These are low resolution copies. ©2004-2011 Hugh
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bullet building

The Aliens have landed

London Downtown


Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge, London

THomas Moore, bell tower

This is where Thomas Moore was locked up for rejecting Henry VIII's perversions. He later had his head cut off.


England was brutal

English countryside on the way to Stonehenge




Abbey road

All day, every day there is a stream of people coming to relive the Abbey Road cover. These Spanish youth went back and forth across the street for over an hour looking for just the right shot.

london star wars

Did you ever have a feeling you were being watched?


Salvador Dali is so weird, this egg is inside a woman with an ant coming after if. Sort of like society's running after unborn babies to kill them. Please end abortion Lord.

London Eye

London eye pods

London at Night

St. Paul's Cathedral

St Paul's, Anglican, London. Built in the days when the Anglican Church believed in the sanctity of marriage. King Henry really blew it when he took over the Church.



elk mugg

This elk was posing for the shot

scotland landscape

Unbelievably beautiful countryside in Scotland

This is a deceivingly big get a scale, there are people at the top.... Highlands, Scotland

It's too beautiful, I had to get another shot


A group of American school kids, this was a huge canyon

Incredibly big and majestic. People are like dots on the mountain, Highlands Scotland


Glencoe stream

Beautiful stream in Glencoe, Scotland, 100 metres from where a family MacDonald's were wiped out.


Beautiful tree in the forest near where the MacDonald Clan was wiped out, Glencoe, Scotland

bay, scotland

Sheep, highlands, scotland


Castle Scotland

Scotland castle



ilsland of skye

saliboat scotland

Scotland sailboat, Island of Skye

scotland mountain

Scottish Mountains