How to prepare for Christian Persecution
What to BELIEVE during persecution

Christians and those who resist government protocols may soon have trouble buying, selling and remaining employed. Some credible Christians, think it could be the "Apocalypse" (Mat. 24Rev. 6-7). We "know not the hour" (Mat 23:13) so be financially and circumstantially responsible in this process. However, we need to prepare while there is still time. We have divided this topic into 4 separate articles:

  1. Spiritual Preparations
  2. Get stuff ready: prepping
  3. What to DO once persecution hits
  4. What to BELIEVE once persecution hits (This article)

Feel free to print or download these pages in case this site is censured. We hope to meet some of you.

What to BELIEVE during persecution
Especially if you are caught, imprisoned, detained in a re-education camp, or if they try to brainwash you.
Based on Daniel O'Connor's 25,000 word essay

  1. There are no aliens: There is a massive media campaign to normalize belief in extra terrestrials. This is in preparation for the anti-christ. The regime will say it's in contact with aliens with a spirituality for humanity. It will be a great deception. Humans are the only intelligent incarnate life form that exists anywhere (except angels, demons, and the Holy Trinity). All rational physical creatures are descendants of Adam and Eve (cf. Humani Generis, Catechism § 356). These "aliens" will be fallen angels and they might even manifest as aliens, but they will always respond like demons, because they are demons. Tell them to "be gone in the name of Jesus". See Daniel O'Connor's video's Part 1 and Part 2.
  2. Artificial intelligence (AI) will never be sentient: It's not alive. It's just 1's and 0's, purely material, fundamentally predictable and entirely algorithmic. Only life created by God can have a soul. AI should never be granted personhood, demand obedience, or rights. It has no free will, no emotions, and is not legitimately creative. AI can only do two things: calculate algorithms and regurgitate what its human programmer has put into it. CHATGPT is just a search engine that manipulates results to make them look original. At some point demons may begin to use AI as a medium of communication.See Daniel O'Connor's video.
  3. Plants and animals are not persons: A human can never be a "parent" to an animal or plant. There will be "animal mediums" who will "channel" the voice of people's pets but the voices will be demons (like a Ouija board). Animals and plants have varying degrees of dignity but all humans have equal, infinite and intrinsic dignity, from conception to the moment their soul departs the body.
  4. Beware of fear mongering about global warming, comets, solar flares, or AI apocalypses: God is Supreme now and always. Nothing can happen outside of God's permissive will. He has a plan and is always in charge, guaranteed (in the Bible). Jesus will come again at the end of human history, not according to the regime's elitist fear mongering warnings to gain control of a frightened population.
  5. Science is a tool: It's not a religion. Science has been compromised to control the masses. Trust reason, common sense, and tradition. Trust your gut, scripture, the Magisterium and God. Don't trust science if it contradicts these things. In the novel Brave New World, science was censored and manipulated so it wouldn't contradict the regime's narrative.
  6. Decisions should NOT be "Data Driven": They should be WISDOM driven. Data is often manipulated or poorly collected and analyzed. In WW2, there were proposals on where to put armour based on where returning planes were shot, ignoring the ones that were shot down.
  7. There is no time travel: God is outside of time because He is pure spirit. No machine will solve this. Discussion of it in a New World Order is a trap.
  8. Cyborg humanism is diabolical: Avoid any DNA modification, chip implantation, injection, biotech augmentation, or AI connection to make human nature “better”.  It might be the mark of the beast or a precursor to it. Interfering with human biology is only acceptable to help restore to human nature what it was designed to be (e.g., a pacemaker, artificial hip). The design of the human being, body, and soul, cannot be improved.
  9. There is no such thing as a "quasi" human: Every human is 100%. There may be weird experiments, but the results will either be an injured human or an injured chimp. Not half and half.
  10. No other being can be you: They might try to copy your DNA or clone you, but it is your soul that defines you and nothing in the material world can replicate that.
  11. One’s life is not one’s own: No matter what you are going through or could ever possibly go through, suicide can never be the answer. EVERY circumstance in your life is in God's control, for your success as a saint.
  12. Only God can read your mind: An electromagnetic wave can't create a thought, memory, or choice in the mind or directly send information to the mind. The brain can only do this via God's breath of the Spirit. Don't be tricked into giving up important information.
  13. Only God can raise the dead: A dead person cannot be brought back to life by something done to his body after death. The human soul is the animator, and it leaves the body when we die. The scientific principles for this are (1) no effect is greater than or (2) can precede its cause (3) no part is greater than the whole.
  14. There is only one Creation: There are no other gods or creations with other truths in some multi universe, or in another dimension.
  15. All religions are NOT equal: While “rays of truth” exist in all religions, it is only those truths themselves which are to be endorsed, not their religions. A false inter religious unity will be a major dimension of the coming grand delusion. Bible believing Christians from different denominations should cooperate to the degree possible, without compromising the Truth that Jesus is the only Saviour.
  16. Don't let philosophy contradict common sense: Watch for sleight of hand tricks by secular or new age philosophers. It's going to get nutty.
  17. Two contradictory assertions cannot be true: The regime may justify an intrinsic evil because it has some quantitative (rather than qualitative) benefit. (i.e., euthanasia). An intrinsic evil is always and everywhere evil. The end does not justify the means. Don't obey evil orders. Totalitarianism weakens peoples resolve by getting them to hold two contradictory ideas simultaneously so they can no longer trust their senses.
  18. We were created male OR female: We would all do well to come to terms with the body and DNA God has given us, and to support others in doing likewise. This too, is honouring the Truth, and the Truth will set us free. See Pope Benedict's comments.
  19. Don't second guess God-given reason: The human mind has the ability to draw conclusions with certainty. It has helped you to know God, and thus love and trust Him and cannot be subverted or contradicted by the New World Order. If you remember something, it's because it happened. Remember this when they start messing with your mind. Trust your senses and reason.
  20. The Bible is inerrant: Don't listen when they say “the Bible is not a history/science/philosophy/etc. textbook!” and claim its teachings can be doubted or rejected. God revealed things that are meant to be temporary (e.g., the juridical precepts of the Mosaic Law, designed by God to be abrogated upon the birth of Christianity). But the New Testament’s Revelation is The Eternal Covenant, never to be dispensed from. Reject any new "Public Revelation”.
  21. Biblical moral teachings are infallible: Doubt is the opposite of faith. The devil loves ambiguity (i.e., he said to Eve, "Did God really say ... ?"). Honour the Church's teachings on life, sexuality and family.
  22. Hang on to:
    • Truth: Don't believe Relativism that says everyone's truth is equal.
    • Goodness: is always possible, always necessary, don't obey an evil order that violates your conscience. We will be accountable to God.
    • Beauty: is real, objective, and essential. So many things these days are ugly.
  23. Heaven and hell are real: You really exist. It's not a dream world, a simulation or a Matrix. You are not perceiving/thinking what some secret government is sending to your mind. You are not dead. When you die you will either go to Heaven (with perhaps a stop in Purgatory) or Hell.
  24. Reject anyone who claims to be divine: The Bible says the antichrist will perform signs and wonders, claim divinity, and fool many. (Mt. 24:4-14). Jesus will only appear on earth once again and when he comes it will be sudden with east to west brilliance. (Lk 17:24) Don't be fooled by imposters. This is especially those who adhere to Millenarianism.
  25. There are no decendants of the Holy Family except Jesus: Don't believe those who claim to be blood descendants of Jesus, Joseph or Mary. Modern "scholars" try to rewrite the history of the Holy Family, to overly humanize Jesus, make his Mother Mary imperfect, and take shots at St. Joseph. This is especially a risk for those who believe Jesus had brothers.
  26. Reject claims that Jesus was:
    • a mere “manifestation” of God
    • not fully God while on earth (i.e., deposited his divinity), only a teacher, savior, prophet
    • a human who achieved "Universal Christ consciousness" (i.e., by visiting gurus in India)
  27. God never changes and is exactly 3 Persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Each is fully God. There is no 4th person in the Trinity.
  28. There are exactly three sources of power:
    1. Natural/Material. It's fine to do ethically. It can have good and/or bad bits.
    2. Supernatural - divine, angelic. It is ALWAYS good but cannot be predetermined (except in the 7 Sacraments). It cannot be subordinated to our wants or practices ingredients or procedures.
    3. Preternatural - diabolical. There is no good witchcraft or magic. “Arrogant words” will pour forth from the Beast which claim credit for "miracles". (cf. Revelation 13:5) It only exists by God's permissive will. (Note: The adjective "magic/magical" to describe a natural trick or circumstance is not "magic" in this sense).
  29. In this life, you can always repent: God loves you infinitely and unconditionally, and is always ready to welcome you back into His grace. Don't use this as an excuse to sin but know it if you have fallen. The devil will say "You can't go back". The regime will have no power over God's forgiveness. In 1839, Saint Augustine and companions in Vietnam stomped on a cross to save other Christians. They later went to the emperor and confessed their faith and regret for stomping on the cross, and were martyred. You may not be called to perform this type of heroics but the only tragedy in this life is to not try to become a saint.
  30. The coming dystopia will be short: Most prophetic voices think the reign of the Antichrist will only last about 3.5 to 7 years (Dan. 12, Rev. 7) followed by an era of peace (Rev. 20). Some of us may be martyred and/or tortured, but we will have the Grace to endure in faith. It's worth the risk, effort, and suffering. Eternal life awaits. The remnant will be protected, and the Church will persist. God has a plan, and you are part of it. Hang in! We hope we will meet some of you as we trudge the road of happy destiny.
Here is this list in point form
  1. There are no aliens: they are demons
  2. Artificial intelligence (AI) isn't alive, has no soul or personhood. It's just 1's and 0's and may be used by demons
  3. Plants and animals are not persons: demons will speak through "animal mediums"
  4. Beware of fear mongering about global warming, comets, solar flares, or AI apocalypses
  5. Science is a tool not a religion, and it has been compromised to control the masses
  6. Decisions should be "Wisdom Driven" rather than "Data Driven". Data can be manipulated/incomplete
  7. There is no time travel
  8. Cyborg humanism is diabolical. Don't accept a computer/bio implant
  9. There is no such thing as a "quasi" human. Tragic experiments will be either 0% or 100% human
  10. No other being can be you, even if cloned
  11. One’s life is not one’s own, it is designed for spiritual success, don't commit suicide
  12. They can't read your mind
  13. Only God can raise the dead
  14. There is only one Creation
  15. All religions are NOT equal
  16. Don't let philosophy contradict common sense.
  17. Two contradictory assertions cannot be true. Don't obey an evil order.
  18. We were created male OR female. We would do well to reconcile with our God-given DNA and help others to do so.
  19. Don't second guess God-given reason
  20. The Bible is inerrant
  21. Biblical moral teachings are infallible
  22. Hang on to Truth, Goodness, and Beauty
  23. Heaven and hell are real
  24. Reject those who claim to be divine. When Jesus comes, it will be sudden with east to west brilliance.
  25. Each member of the Holy Family remained celibate, with no natural descendants
  26. Jesus was fully God on earth. Not just a teacher or a human who achieved "Christ-consciousness"
  27. God never changes and is exactly 3 Persons
  28. Only 3 sources of power. (1) Natural/material: can be good OR bad (2) Supernatural: via Jesus (or his Church) ALWAYS good (3) Preternatural: diabolical ALWAYS bad
  29. In this life, you can always repent, but don't use this as an excuse to sin
  30. The coming dystopia will be short, about 3.5 to 7 years (Dan. 12, Rev. 7). Stay strong and hang in!

* Disclaimer: This is not financial or health advice. Get financial and health advice from multiple competent sources and make informed decisions.