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Im Folgenden finden Sie 6 Musiksammlungen von CatholicBridge, einer Band, die von Hugh und Diane von dieser Seite geleitet wird. Der Kauf von Musik ist eine gute Möglichkeit, unsere Arbeit zu unterstützen.

Bounce Back

Zurückkommen [Bounce Back]

Einige unserer besten Arbeiten bis heute. Energiegeladene, christuszentrierte Jugendlieder mit eingängigen Hooks und ansteckenden Grooves. Mehrere schöne Lobpreislieder, darunter "Across", das viel Airplay im christlichen Radio erhielt. Wie man es bekommt und anhört.

Children's songs

Kindersammlung [Kids' Collection]

Bei Konzerten rennen die Kinder nach vorne, um zu singen und die Handgesten zu machen. Sie auf die Bühne einzuladen, wurde zu einem Highlight. Dies ist eine Sammlung von Liedern, die Kinder bei unseren Konzerten am meisten lieben, mit einer soliden christlichen Botschaft für Kinder.

Life Songs

Live Songs [Life Songs]

Diese Pro-Life- und Pro-Familien-Sammlung enthält 5 National March for Life-Themenlieder, das Thema des kanadischen March for Marriage und "Yes to Life", das Thema einer Humanae Vitae-Konferenz.

Life is the Only Choice

Das Leben ist die einzige Wahl [Life is the Only Choice]

Unsere Debut-CD: sie erhielt viel Airplay im zeitgenössischen christlichen Radio. Holy of Holies ging auf Platz 8 im lokalen christlichen Radio und Cult Cult-ure ging auf Platz 3. Dies ist die CD, mit der alles begann und die zum Aufbau der Catholic Bridge Website führte.

Catholic Bridge Greatest Hits

Catholic Bridge Greatest Hits

Wenn Sie nur eine Sammlung mit 19 unserer beliebtesten Songs kaufen möchten, ist dies die richtige Wahl. Dies sind die Songs, die Widerhall und große Reaktionen bei Live-Konzerten bekommen haben. Sie werden niemanden enttäuschen, der großartige Popmusik mit einer katholischen Botschaft liebt. Auch Kinder und Jugendliche lieben sie.

The Rosary

Der Rosenkranz [The Rosary]

Ein einfaches, ruhiges Rosenkranzgebet mit origineller, sanfter Hintergrundmusik. Das 4-CD-Set enthält die freudenreichen, schmerzhaften, lichtreichen und glorreichen Geheimnisse. Dies hat alle unsere anderen Musikstücke überholt. Wir verdanken es der Gottesmutter.

Our full collection of lyrics
(in alphebetical order)

Abortion is Killing the Hope of the Future

Lord God, help me understand
Where we’re taking this Promised Land
So much talk about human rights
What’s more basic than the right to life?

A wave of death has hit from sea to sea
While we're denying the reality
We'll be facing our darkest fears
As our leaders turn a deafened ear
Our country is disappearing

Abortion is killing the hope of the future
We can’t go on pretending
That we don’t know where it’s ending
We’ve got to stop this
Distortion of what this county is believing
The message we’re receiving
What we’re sowing and reaping
‘Cause in God’s eyes every life is precious

Young people take a look around
Half your generation is in the ground
How many could have been your friends
They were brought to a tragic end

Can you stand up and lend your voice
To the victims who have No Choice
Let this nation hear the silent screams
Of innocent blood and long lost dreams
This is anything but freedom

Don’t you wonder what they could have changed
Could have found a cure, but they died unnamed
Little martyrs crowned with thorns
More have died than in all our wars

by ©2005

Recording Credits
Lead & background vocals, acoustic guitars,
keyboards, programming & production by
Drums by Stephan Ulrich


Across all time
Across all space
Across all lands
Across all race
Your Cross is healing

Across my heart
Across my pain
Across my life
I give you reign
Your Cross is healing me

As I eat this Bread
As I drink this wine
I can feel your heart
Beating in mine
You are flowing through me
With every breath that I breathe
You are setting me free
With all the faithful of history
Your Cross is healing me

You are the Holy One
You are all that I need
Into the risen Son
I am being released
Your cross is healing me

Across all time
Across all space

By ©2008 SOCAN
Because of Who You Are

There's a child reaching out tonight
I see him standing in your Holy Light
With his brother standing by his side
Got a fire burning deep inside
There are families that are torn apart
We're trying to find the pieces to our broken hearts
Lord have mercy as we call on your Name

We are weak
but You are strong
As we weep (on our knees)
You give us what we need to carry on
Who are we
That you poured out your love
It's because of who You are

There's a river running through the field
Giving life to the farmer's seed
There's a River running through the pain
Gives us hope so we can start again
There's a Light shining in the dark
So we can find the pieces of our broken hearts
Lord have mercy as we call on your Name

Some things in life are hard understand
Only in the depths of your love is there an answer
To the questions hidden deep inside our hearts
Where we can find hope to make a brand new start

By ©  June 23,2004

Recording Credits
Vocals, 6 string guitar & programming, 
production by
12 String Guitar, Bass & Bg Vocals by Dennis Girard

Can’t Measure Peace of Mind

i know what its like with a ticket to hell
when everybody’s saying “you’re doing real well”
i was making money, i was making a name
i couldn’t understand why i was going insane
i was taking, talking, talking
talking to myself, i wasn’t talking to you
i was walking, walking, walking
walking with the world and i was singing the blues

they can’t measure my peace of mind
they can keep up with jones’s
and tell me i’m behind
but this world can’t measure
my peace of mind

pushing and pushing with all my might
couldn’t understand why i was always in a fight
i made the same mistakes over and over
looking in the desert for a four-leaf clover
i was taking, talking, talking
talking with a crowd that wanted nothing of you
you were knocking, knocking, knocking
and when i opened up you showed me
what you could do

it was the god of money, the god of fame
the god of everything against
your Holy Name
the millennium idol, the god of greed
the god of everything around us that we do not need
it was the god of success, god of excess,
the god of sex
wonder why we’re in a mess

you were talking, talking, talking
talking ‘bout a freedom that i could not refuse
now i’m walking, walking, walking
on water and i don’t need their cement shoes

Music and Lyrics by CatholicBridge
Lead and background vocals, guitars, keyboards,
programming and production by CatholicBridge
Additional vocals by Diane Boivert and Beverly Olivestri

Break Me

Hey Jesus, it caught me by surprise
I didn't see the hammer hit me right between the eyes
sometimes a situation takes a strange turn
and when it hits, you know it cuts and it burns

i thought that I was on the right direction
but you know all about my imperfections
you know how to make a change in me
i know you set me up so you can set me free
so go on and

break me, break down my defenses
shake me, shake me to my senses
break me, break everything about me
that's not of You

it looked so good as it was coming to me
floating like a butterfly, stung like a bee
hey Jesus, now I understand,
how the pain of life makes a brand new man

i thought that I was on the right direction
but there is sin and there is imperfection…in me
i know that it will always be a fight
but you're there to pick me up, until I get it right
so go on and (repeat Chorus)

every painful situation
every earthly hope I've lost
works for the good of my salvation
teaches me more about the cross
there will come a day when we'll be face to face

i know that I am under your protection
take my sin and all my imperfection
i know it's like a surgery
but when the pain is gone, you're going to sanctify me

take me, take down all my fences
shake me, shake me to my senses
make me, make me more like you

By ©2001 SOCAN

Vocals, flute, guitars, and production by
Bass: Kevin Pryce
Background vocals Diane Boivert
Drums by Stephan Ulrich

Cult CULT-ure

We live in a culture where you can't say the Lord's Prayer in public schools because people find it offensive. We live in a culture where you can say the "F" word in the secular media
but you can't say the "J" word because people find Jesus offensive. We live in a culture where a baby sucking its thumb waiting to be born isn't a human. We live in a culture that doesn't know right from wrong, love from lust, Heaven from hell, Jesus from the devil. IT'S A CULT! I don't wanna join the CULT-ure

I'm a right-brained man in a left-brained world
Now I understand why my mind is in a whirl
They think I'm spacey but you know it don't phase me
'Cause I won't play the games are driving them crazy

It's a cult, don't wanna join the cult-ure (2x)
don't wanna join the cult-ure (2x)
don't wanna join the cult, cult-ure

I'm standing on the outside don't want to look in
Don't want to get a handle on how they win
They think that they're standing on their own two feet
But they're following the devil down easy street

Maybe you could turn around and change your mind
Before the gig is up and we're out of time
You can't close the door when the walls are caving in
And the world is flipping out swimming in sin

People living in the street, others in mansions
Kids building bombs listening to Marilynn Manson
Video games, kill the soldiers
Do it for real when they get older
Anorexic women on the TV screen
A great role model for a girl thirteen
High school dances cheap romances
HIV no second chances
Shopping malls filled on Sunday mornings,
Empty churches could it be a warning
Fast food, shallow novels, violent movies
Climb the social ladder get a hero medal

by ©2000

Even in the Dark

On my way a few miles from heaven
Just around the bend from home

When out from nowhere on this road I'm taking
A sudden curve in my life is thrown
Somehow I wand to water it down
I know that if I do I'll drown
In my mind I'm thinking what will I do
But in my heart I hear

Even in the dark
Even in the darkest moments
Your loving arms surround me (REPEAT)

The walls are caving in where I hide my dreams
The cross I carry seems to disappear
The lines are faded where they used to be
Have I mistaken my faith for fear
My friends ask but I don't know what to say
I kneel down just to pray and wait
Some days I feel I'm going nowhere
But I know you're there

There's no telling where we go from here
But I do believe

© 1998 by Dennis Girard

Falling Star

you've become the winner, i've become the loser
but as a begar, i'm a chooser
as a winner, i was a user
i am not afraid
to say i got down on my knees and prayed

i know
the other way to go
on a broadway stage
at an early age
i thought i had the answer
but when i fell, i fell so far
i thought i was a falling star
disappearing deep into the dark

you've become the stronger, i've become the weaker
but i feel i am much deeper
than when my heart was just a sleeper
i am not afraid
to say i got down on my knees and prayed

i know
the other way to go
i played the games
in a world where names
were the measure of the man
but when i fell, i fell so far
i thought i was a falling star
disappearing deep into the dark

now i see the morning light
rising on my darkest night
the world's no longer black and white
but a million different colours, oh
We believe, We believe, Jesus leads, Jesus heals

By ©1998

Fly on Home (Natural Death)

Three score ten
and a dozen years
You hear a silent calling
It quiets all your fears

The wind’s in your hair
and your heart has been set free
Your soul is on the wing
Fly on home, fly on home
Fly on home to Jesus

There’s no way they can hold you
The walls are made of dust
This world can’t trap you
It’s iron bars will rust

Pretty little songbird left the cage
Fly to the forest flying to her mate

Music by
Lyrics by Amy Thayer &

Freedom From the Past

what you see
is what you get
you know it's gonna turn around
but it hasn't yet
it's not your fault
it's gone so wrong
but you know that doesn't change
what's really going on

i've been there
in a prison in my mind
doing my time
I know where you're going to find
sweet Freedom

freedom from the past
the world is always turning
it doesn't have to last
yesterday is always burning
away…let the Holy Spirit set you free

He will make it make it easy
in a world that's hard
that doesn't really care
about who you are
his Holy Light will make it right
when the dreams wake you up
in the middle of the night

it don't matter what you've done
where you've been
where you're from
what's been done
to you ….you can be free
there's a Man
who understands
put you're life into his hands
let Jesus set you free
you'll be free from the past
freedom from the past

Music and Lyrics by © 2001

Freedom of Speech

two thousand years ago men lost their lives
when they stood up for justice and criticized
the emperor Nero and all of his lies
freedom was won by the martyrs who died


freedom, freedom of speech
freedom, freedom to preach
we'll stand for justice and what We believe
we sing about freedom, freedom of speech

modern justice is falling apart
maybe we should ask the question "where did justice start?"
God raised his hands and He opened his heart
He gave us his life and conquered the darkness

freedom, freedom of speech
freedom, freedom to teach
we'll teach our children what We believe
we sing about freedom, freedom of speech

ancient empires came tumbling down
they turned away from God and fell to the ground
is that the future for the culture of "choice"
we say "NO!!!" we sing with one voice

freedom, how sweet it is
freedom, freedom to live
and speak the truth like our Saviour did
we sing about freedom, freedom in Him


God Loves Me

I was wandering around
All over the place
I wanted to escape into outer space
Now i know
God loves me

I was wandering around
in a world of doubt
But now i want to jump and scream and shout
Tell everybody God loves me


God loves me
When i'm up or down
God loves me
When i'm on the ground
God loves me
I feel him all around
(when he doesn't make a sound)
(When i think he's not around)

It's such a strange feeling
To come over me
It took 24 years for me to finally see it
better late than never
God loves me

God loves me

I'll never have to make it
on my very own
i know i'll never have t be alone
I've got Jesus
God loves me

God loves you


He Rose Again

We believe in God the Father, Almighty
Creator of heaven and earth
We believe in Jesus Christ,
His only Son, our Lord
He was conceived by the Holy Spirit
Born of the Virgin Mary
Suffered under Pontius Pilate
Crucified and died was buried

He descended to the dead:
But on the third day

He Rose again, took my shame
He Rose again, took my blame
He Rose again, wrote my name
In the Book of Life

He ascended into heaven
Seated at the right hand of Father
Come again to judge the living and the dead
We believe in the Holy Spirit:
Holy catholic church
Communion of saint:
The forgiveness of sins:
The resurrection of the body:
And the life everlasting.

He descended to the dead:
But on the third day ...

By ©2003 SOCAN

Holy of Holies

from the mountains and valleys
to the inner city alleys
there is no end to Your reign

from the angels in heaven
to the man in depression
Your love will always remain
Holy of Holies

Lord we come to you empty
asking for mercy
pour out your healing and grace
from the Manhattan skyline
to the Calcutta food line
heal all our hunger and rage
Holy of Holies

in the Holy of Holies
we fall down before thee
there is no end
there is no end
to the One who was and is to come
let Your mighty will be done
there is no end
there is no end

Spoken: Lord we ask that you put your hand on all our leaders infuse them with your Holy Spirit and lead us to the new Jerusalem

for the Hollywood writers
and the Pakistani fighters
we humbly offer this prayer
heal all our nations
lead us all to salvation
Lord heal the hate and despair
Holy of Holies © 2002

Home to Rome

What can I say on a day like today
When my best friends have found their way
To the church where they belong
After searching for so long
Heaven rejoices on a day like today

Hail Holy Queen of hearts
You lit a candle in the dark
On the road from Calvary
The North South the East and the West winds
Are all blowing in the same direction
Bringing you home
Home to Rome

One to one, heart to heart
What God has joined, nothing can take apart
The union of your spirits
Is heaven’s call to witness
To the one blood, one body

Heaven and earth are here rejoicing
A cloud of witnesses surrounding us with love
The angles and saints are singing Holy
Holy is the Name, of our Lord Jesus

By ©2006 SOCAN
(For my friend Dennis Girard
and his wife Angelina for their marriage
in the Catholic Church)
I am God's Idea

I am God's idea,
I did not come by chance
I am God's idea
I'm not a happenstance

I am God's idea,
Sent to you in His time
While I've come from the heart of God
I'm part of His design

Born to live in His love
In His image am I
Born to know and to love him
And to serve him till I die

And when you are old
I will care for you
I will be the eyes and ears
And the voice that sings in you

By Gregory Floyd

I Am the Resurrection

When the Lord was thirty He went out to the desert
The devil tried to get Him but heaven was better
He listened to every word the father said
He could hear me talking inside his head
He got up on the mountain and started preaching
Opened up the scripture to a brand new teaching
“Hey everybody listen what I say
I am the Truth the Light the Way”


I am the resurrection
Your power and your protection
I am the resurrection
And the life, life, life
I am the celebration
The hope of every nation
I am the resurrection
And the life, life, life
For everyone who believes

He went into the village and cured the lame
He cast out demons in his holy name
He chased the moneychangers from his father’s house
Then stood up and showed them what it’s all about
They took Him and they bound and brought Him to pilot
Pilot didn’t want Him so they started a riot
Crucify Him crucify is what they said
They didn’t know what they were doing
Wwhen they wanted Him dead

A dark day on Calvary, Stripped of all his dignity
His mother watched in misery,
As He breathed his last
They buried Him inside a cave,
Rolled the stone and walked away
And wondered how he’d ever save,
A world that didn’t know his name
But on the blessed day, the angel came to say
Why look among the dead for the living,
The stone was rolled away

By ©2001 SOCAN
(written for the "Festival of Religious" song)
Oui Je Le Veux

Don de Dieu pour la vie du monde
Fais-nous comprendre ce que Tu fécondes
L'incarnation du Verbe fait chair
Le Pain de Vie pour guérir la terre

Vous trouverez en regardant l'Église
L'union parfaite et éternelle promise
Un seul corps donné en héritage
Modèle pour votre propre mariage

Tu nous donnes ta vie
Nous offre la vie
et l'avons en abundance

I say I do I give it all to you
I say I do, you came to set me free
Oui je le veux, je le veux mon Dieu
Oui je le veux, car tu me donnes ta vie
Signeur, oui je le veux

When we come to receive communion
We are entering a blessed union
One body from every nation
Sons and daughters of salvation
A mirror of this perfect unity
Is a man and wife in unity
They come together as one creation
One body in celebration

 When a man and a wife
Create a new life
All of the angels sing

By ©2007 SOCAN
Theme song for "Le Monte Jeunesse" 2007

Justice for the Unborn

In Florida, Feb 21, 2007, Amillia Sonja Tayor, born at 21 weeks and 6 days, went home. She was the most premature baby ever born. She made front page news and opened up a public debate on abortion in Britain, the US and other countries. This song is dedicated to her.

Born at 21 weeks
The papers showed your tiny feet
People talking all about
You in the streets

They couldn’t understand it
How this miracle occurred
You gave your voice
To a million still unheard

In that hospital 
Where they saved your precious life
Two floors up
They give another child the knife

In the face of innocence
Justice in a political storm
In the age of decadence
Justice for the unborn

A tiny prophet crying
For a generation lost
Your life is a reflection
Of what this thing has cost
Thank you for your courage
You came though and showed us life
Amillia, you have shown us
what is wrong and what is right

The law has failed the Truth
But the Truth well never bend
40 years we’re fighting
We’ll stand here ‘til the end

(Repeat Chorus)

There will come a day when all will understand
What it truly means to have freedom in this land

by ©2007
March for Life Theme 2009

King of Creation

Mary walked into the Son-lit room
Elizabeth's baby leaped inside her womb
for a moment they bowed and prayed
to the Holy One the Light the Way

two thousand years since that glory day
mothers of the world gather in his name (Jesus)
each one is carrying expectant faith
raise your hands everybody and celebrate


let the eagle fly, let the rocks proclaim ...You
let the heavens ring in your Righteous Name
let the rivers overflow with life
for the King of Creation
and the children of the Light

let all the fathers jump for joy
let the Holy Spirit hit the girls and boys
let all the families raise their hands
we're going to rebuild this mighty land

we're going to follow you, we're going to walk the walk
going to build our lives upon a solid Rock (Jesus)
Lord Jesus author of life
You blow away the darkness with your Holy Light

By ©2002

Lady of Sweet Guadelupe

Mother Mary you knew me
Before I ever knew you
You could see me walking
Deep into the dark

You were waiting for me
You were praying for me
To Jesus my Lord and Saviour

You are praying for the lost
'Cause you know the cost
That he paid out on the Cross


Ave Maria, Ave Maria
Queen of the Angeles
Our Lady of sweet Guadeupe

Jesus looked upon you
Gave his son John to you
You shall be his mother
You shall be your son
In that special moment
Of our Lord's atonement
You became the mother
of everyone

By ©2006 SOCAN
(written for the "Festival of Marian Song" Guatemala)

Legacy of Love

baby, you mama's been holding you
you've been floating
in a paradise made just for you
a beautiful world
where heaven and earth
join in a swirl
of love all around you

baby, God's been working on you
He's been making every bone and every sinew
of this miracle, you are the union
the blessed communion
of Heaven and earth

once in a lifetime
you're joined by a lifeline
to the generations before you
once in a lifetime
you're joined by a lifeline
to the legacy of love, legacy of love

baby, the world is waiting on you
you're a blessing,
God has got a purpose for you
grow in the Spirit
it'll guide you
i know that you hear it
echoing inside of you

every time you move
I hear angels singing
a chorus just for you
all of heaven is ringing
look back through
the ages at the legacy of love
baby, Jesus is in love with you

By © 2001

Let Them Live

let them live, let them live
for the Lord made life
it's Heaven's greatest gift
let them live, let them live
for the Lord made life
it is only his to give

You formed my innermost being
You knit me in my mother's womb
i give thanks that i'm fearfully made
how wonderful are Your works (ps 139:13-14)
You knew my name before i was born (jn 29:11)
You knew my heart before it formed
You knew the colour of my eyes
You know what a mother has inside
Father i can hear You say

You knew the colour of my hair
You knew if it'd be dark or fair
You gave me lungs to breathe Your air
You gave me love that i could share
You put the fingerprint in my hand
You gave me a mind to understand
You gave me ears so i could hear
every word You whisper in my ear
Father i can hear You say

You know what this world can't hide
though its turned its back and closed its eyes
You know every child from the dawn of time (eph 1:4-7)
i lie awake and i hear them cry (mat 2:18)

by ©2002
March for Life Theme 2003

Life is the Only Choice

i was climbing the ladder
i didn't know my morals were shattered
by my ambition
i was looking for glamour
i didn't know I was taking a hammer
to my conscience and everything I should have treasured
i was lost in this world
that knows nothing about love, nothing about life

Mother Mary i can hear your prayer
for all the mothers and the fathers out there
who battle for the right to choose
but don't know what they are going to lose
hey Jesus i can hear your voice
"life is the only choice"

turns out what I was chasing
was nothing more than racing
into emptiness, chasing the wind
i lost my mind and everything i owned
i lost my child and i lost my soul
in the mad rush for security,
i didn't know life is precious
from beginning to end
it's something we must defend

i woke up crying
and I felt like dying
the night I realized what I had done
Father forgive me
let your Spirit be with me

i wish i hadn't been so confused
i wish i'd known what i was going to lose
i wish i'd heard my baby cry
"mommy and daddy let me stay alive"
hey Jesus, I can hear your voice
"life is the only choice"

By ©2002 SOCAN
March for Life Theme 2003 and 2004
Life, the First Human Right



Life, no love could be deeper
Life, no gift could be sweeter
Life, the work of the Healer
The first human right
Life, the hope of the nation
Life, the next generation
Life, the greatest creation
The first human right, Life

We cannot kill and call it freedom
As we walk the shifting sand
In the darkness on the road
That takes us to a nowhere land
The children are human
Can you hear the beating hearts

We’re in a crisis as the morals
All around us tumble down
We cannot euthanize
We cannot push our parents in the ground
Life must be higher
Than any other right

by © 2008
March for Life Theme 2008

Love at the Centre

Love is patient
Love is kind
Living in a union
Of heart and mind
Love is supernatural
Love is individual
Love is freeing
The Power of believing
Love at the centre, Love at the centre

We learned about love
From a snow white dove
We all learned about love, love, love
Love is at the Centre of our lives

Love is balanced
Love is wise
Looking at the world
Through brand new eyes
Love is never boastful
Love is never hurtful
Love is Jesus
Love will never leave us

The time has come for the spirit
No need to run, no need to fear it
It was written on the heart
Ever since the start
Now we're giving up control
To the master of the soul
Son of God, Son of Man

By, Greg Dahl, and Claude Prosser 1998

Madre de la Humanidad

María me conocías
antes que yo a ti
Verme podías
cuando en pecado viví

Estabas esperándome,
estabas orando por mí
a Jesús mi salvador

Ora por el pecador
pues tú sabes el precio
que en la Cruz se pagó


Ave María, Ave María
Todos los ángeles
cantan honor a ti.

Jesús te miraba
y a Juan él te entregó.
Con amor te decía:
“Tu hijo él será”.

En aquel momento,
el sacrificio del Señor,
Él te hizo  Madre de la Humanidad

Ave María, Madre de la Humanidad

©2006 spanish translation- Margot Zunino
(written for the "Festival of Marian" song in Guatemala)

Man of God

Lord God, I come here before you
To lift you up to praise and adore you
Fill me up with the air of your presence
Lord God, fill up all of my senses
I want to be everything that you‘ve written on my heart
Help me Lord


I want to be a Man of God
Singing and praising
The Lamb of God, King of all Ages
Take away all of these dark empty places
Hidden inside my heart, oh Jesus
Make me a man of God.

I want to be what you want me to be
I want to see what you want me to see
I want to hear what you are saying
Lord God this is what I am praying
I want to be everything
that you‘ve written on my heart
Help me Lord

Lord God, there’s a tempest around me
This world is trying to shake and confound me
Lift me up when they’re trying to drown me
Lord God, let your spirit surround me
I want to be everything
that you‘ve written on my heart

by ©2004
For Pentecostal Men's Retreat

María José

The Son is falling
On the Antigua sky
María José is closing her eyes
As she prays for her mother and father and friends
she’s got a new life in Jesus, never going to end

There’s a miracle unfolding with every new day
In a little senorita we call María José
I fall on my knees thank God and pray
For life he’s given to María José

Let her love grow
Into your light
Let her life show
All of your might
Let a choir of angels
Surround all her nights
Let your love shine bright

Te Exaltamus Santo Senor
Dios Nuestro Santo Senor

By © 2004 SOCAN
(written in Guatemala for the
6 year old daughter of the host parents)

Multi-Nation Generation (Light of the World)

we come from Sweden, Poland, Austria
Luxembourg and Portugal, And Romania
Egypt, Ethiopia,
Rwanda, Saudi Arabia, Tanzania
Turkey, Thailand, Bangladesh,
China, Vietnam, North Korea, Cambodia
Burma, Singapore, Japan,
India, Kenya, Pakistan and Mongolia

we are the salt of the earth,
we are the light of the world
a multi-nation
calling out for sweet salvation
a city on a hill, the Light of Jesus,

we come from Israel, Iraq, Iran,
Afghanistan and the Sudan, Bulgaria,
Syria, Congo, Swaziland,
Libya, Zambia, Lebanon, Algeria,
Finland, Iceland, Netherlands
Greenland, Scotland, Ireland
Midway, Guam, Tahiti, Fiji
Cyprus and the Philippines
and New Zealand

Panama Spain and Canada
Tonga, Nicaragua, U. S. of A.,
Cuba, Haiti, Jamaica
Guatemala, Costa Rica
and Paraguay, Venezuela
England, France and Italy
Russia, Denmark and Germany
Australia, Uruguay, Colombia,
Brazil, Peru, Bolivia, and Argentina

Yesterday, and Christ Today, Christ Forever
Jesus saves (Repeat and Chant)

By © 2001

One Man One Woman

written in response to gay marriage legislation

They say that it is freedom
But you know I don't believe them
'Cause Lord I have seen them
Try to change your Word

They say that it is progress
I couldn't help but notice
The world is looking hopeless
With every passing hour

The fountain of life
Is a man and his wife
One Man, One woman
It's how you wrote the Book Lord



One Man, One woman
It's how you gave us life Lord
One Man, One woman
It's written in the Book of Life

They say they wanna be fair
They say it's gonna get us there 
But I think we're gonna need prayer
To teach our children your ways

King of all creation
Pour your healing on our nation
Lead us to salvation
Hear our prayer Lord Jesus

The fountain of life
Is a man and his wife
One Man, One woman,
It's how you wrote the Book Lord


Lord I hear you calling
To a world that's falling
You are standing
at the gate of life and death
Freedom is to choose you
It is not to loose you
Heal the broken hearted
And lead them in your ways

by © 2005

We've Got to Organize

From east to west from sea to sea
A voice rising up from among God’s people
From north to south
We’ve got to shout it out
We’ve got to break the chains
And take the muzzles off
We’ve got to come together


We’ve got to organize
We’ve got to fight the lies  
We won’t apologize
As we come against the tide
We will not shrink or hide 
But we will rise up high
We’ve got to organize

From every corner of this blessed land
Every denomination every outstretched hand
Raise our hearts to God listen to His plan
We will find our strength
We will take a stand
We’ve got to come together

Darkness has fallen on our land
But we know the One who is the great I AM
We will not let them silence the Lamb
We are his people together we stand
As the unborn cries
As the family dies
We will not stay silent
We will organize


This song is not yet recorded

Hafa Adai

So much emotion that I don’t know the words
So much about your people that I have got to learn
Give me some time and I know I will grow
But for now let me start with…

Hafa Adai (5x)
I want to know all your ways
But for now let me start with Hafa Adai

I rode in on the waves and left my homeland far behind
Heaven knows the Marianas are on my mind
Give me some time and I’ll know what to say
But for now let me start with …

Hafa Adai (5x)
I want to know all your ways
But for now let me start with Hafa Adai

Chamorro is the language of the heart
You’ve already shown me how I can start
I can open with what I know
I can say "hello"
So let me start with…

Hafa Adai (5x)
I want to know all your ways
But for now let me start with Hafa Adai

Music by
Lyrics by D. MacDonald and Amy Thayer © 2004-6

Si Yu’os Maase Song for Guam


Si Yu’os Maase We give thanks to you Lord

For the rising of the tide
And the setting of the sun
For the Guahan butterfly
We praise you Holy One
For the beauty of creation
Dancing in the sky
Heaven’s presentation right before our eyes

When Blessed Diago landed on these shores
He saw beauty like he’d never seen before
The Chamorro people
Have seen a great light
Through the prayers of a man
Who gave them his life

Blessed Mary hold out your hand
Pray for the people of the beautiful land
Scatter the darkness by the power of your Son
The Holy One our Lord and Saviour Jesus

© 2005 SOCAN

We Hold You Up

when the wind of change
breaks the window of pain
we will hold you up
when the midnight rain
is falling again
we will hold you up

there is candle on the altar of God
shining in the dark

we hold you up
in the heart of the night
we hold you up
when you’re tired of trying
we hold you up
to the author of life
we will be holding you up

when the shifting sands
are hard to understand
we will hold you up
when darkness falls
and the emptiness calls
we will hold you up

there is candle on the altar of God
shining in the dark
every time you listen to the rustling leaves
you celebrate the kingdom that no man has seen
Creation’s whisper to a heart in need
that walks by faith and not by sight.


Yes To Life

In 1930 a storm was raging
Christians divided
but the Truth was unchanging
The floodgates broke
Evil awoke
The devil spoke
to life he said “No!”

But there was a prophet
Who spoke to the nations
Pope Paul the VI held the wisdom of ages
He said…

Yes to Life (3x)
Between a man and a wife (Yes to You Jesus)
Yes to Life

Four generations have come and gone
The cultural of death is still raging on
Adultery, abortion, divorce and diseases
Are the fruits of the devil
When he gets what he pleases

But we are an army whose numbers are growing
We will not stop ‘til the last trumpet’s blowing
We say…

(repeat chorus)

Love is patient Love is kind
Love is open to the author of life
Love will overcome the darkness of evil
Cause the angels are praying with all of God’s people

They sing…

(repeat chorus)

© 2006 SOCAN
Theme for Humanae Vitae conference with Janet Smith

Vocals, instruments, production & engineering by
Backing vocals by Eileen Dalpra

Young People of India

Young people of India
Young people of India
Young people of India
Young people of India

The Spirit is blowing across this land
On a generation of outstretched hands
An anointing from Heaven is pouring down
On the hearts of the faithful in every town

Dangers are threatening on every border
But we are a people who trust in the Lord
Don't let your hearts be given to hatred
Eenter the peace of the One who is Sacred

Here we stand at the crossroads of history
To the left is the danger to the right is the Mystery
Open the gates to the King of Creation
It’s the pathway to peace and road to salvation

Sanctify, Sanctify, Sanctify, Sanctify
sanctify your hearts, Sanctify your minds
Sanctify your dreams, Sanctify your hopes
Sanctify your friendships, Sanctify your families
Sanctify your communities, Sanctify your cities
Sanctify your country
Young people of India

© 2007 SOCAN

Vocals, instruments, production & engineering by