Church Photos

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Church photos from Dubai (United Arab Emirates), London (England), Italy, India, Poland, Germany, France, Belgium, Guam, Guatemala, Canada

  • This is St. Mary's Catholic Church in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It is a beautiful Church that holds 2,500 faithful people from southern India, the Philippines and 90 other countries who live and work in Dubai.

  • Westminster Cathedral

    The Altar of Westminster Cathedral (Catholic). It took us a while to get a beautiful Catholic Cathedral in
    London since King Henry VIII left us, but in a few more generations this place will be gorgeous.

  • Westminster

    Westminster Abbey

  • Westminster

    Westminster Abbey. This was built by Catholics and King Henry VIII confiscated it.

  • Westminster Abbey

    Westminster Abbey

  • St. Paul's Cathedral at dusk

    St Paul's Anglican, London. Built in the days when the Anglican Church believed in the sanctity of marriage.

  • Chapel in the London Tower

    Beautiful Chapel in the London Tower, built in 1080 A.D. when England was Catholic

  • Chapel in the London Tower - London, England
  • Beautiful Chapel in the London Tower

  • Vatican Fountain

    The fountain in front of the Vatican

  • St Peter out front of Vatican

    Statue in front of St. Peter's

  • Inside Vatican

    Inside St. Peter's

  • JPII Tomb

    JPII, We Love You!

  • Coliseum

    The Coliseum, Rome

  • Coliseum Cross

    JPII erected this cross in 2000 to commemorate all the lives that were lost in the Coliseum

  • chains of St. Peter

    In the background are the chains thought to have been used to bind up St. Peter

  • St. Mary Major

    St. Mary Major, Rome. One of only four major Basilicas in the world.

  • Dog, St. John Lateran

    A dog takes a nap at St. John's Lateran Basilica, Rome. One of only four major basilicas in the world

  • Statue Jesus Gesthemene

    In Rome near St. John Lateran Basilica are the steps that are reported to be steps that Jesus used when Pontius Pilate condemned him. This statue marks the spot.

  • Eucharist

    Blessed Sacrament at St. Mary Major in Rome

  • Pieta

    The Pietà, Vatican

  • Vatican

    A storm gathers over the Vatican. A sign of the times as the culture of death threatens.

  • Pope closeup

    I was so grateful to get this close to the Pope during his audience in Rome. It was a true blessing.

  • Pope mobile
  • Assis

    The Church in Assisi, Italy, where St. Francis lived

  • St Frances Church

    St. Francis thought God told him to rebuild the Church in the 13th century. This is it.
    It turns out God had much bigger plans for St. Francis.

  • St. Anthony

    Padova (or Padua), Italy, where St. Anthony was from.

  • Venice basilica

    Venice, Italy. A city of beauty and culture

  • Woman praying india

    The faithful pray everyday in front of the Blessed Sacrament. Divine Retreat Centre - Potta, India

  • India woman praying
  • Thomas

    The site in Southern India where Thomas the Apostle landed in 52 AD. He lived there until 72 AD when he was martyred. This is where he baptised natives and performed the famous miracle. Natives were throwing water in the air to their gods. Thomas said, "it appears your gods are not accepting your offer because the water is falling back down". Thomas threw water in the air for Jesus, and it just stayed there. There was a mass conversion to Christ which is still going on in the south of India. Notice the distinctly Indian flavour of the honour they give to Mary.

  • Poland Salt Mine

    Three hundred feet below the ground, in Wieliczka, Poland, salt miners built this beautiful basilica out of salt.

  • Salt Mary

    This 8 foot statue of Mary is from rock salt, carved by hand by a salt miner in Wieliczka, Poland

  • JPII Parish

    This was John Paul II's first parish as a priest, Niegowic, Poland. He was assistant pastor. I had the pleasure of playing there for Mass, and meeting a parishioner who knew JPII as a young priest.

  • Chestechova

    Black Madonna in Poland

  • Poland Parish

    I photographed this cross in Poland. These kinds of rustic crosses are out front of many churches in Poland. Notice the bird.

  • Krakow Bascilica

    JPII gave many sermons from this altar, Krakow, Poland

  • Krakow

    JPII's Basilica as a Cardinal in Poland

  • Devine Mercy Centre

    Divine Mercy Centre - Krakow, Poland

  • Auschwitz
  • Auchswitz

    You have to spend a few minutes looking at these two above images to appreciate them. In Auschwitz, a Polish soldier, Stefan Jasienski, etched these drawings into the cement wall of his cell. One is a crucifix; the other is the Sacred Heart of Jesus. He also drew himself in the picture. His arms are around Jesus' waist. A profile of his face is looking at the Sacred Heart of Jesus. He was likely killed at the camp. Around the corner from this cell was where Saint Maximilian Kolbe died. He was a priest who took the place of a father who was to die. The man survived and attended Maximilian's beatification.

  • Germany Basilica

    Cathedral - Cologne, Germany. It is one of the largest in Europe.

  • Germany basilica

    Inside the Cathedral - Cologne, Germany

  • Germany

    Inside the Cathedral - Cologne, Germany

  • Nun

    A German nun on her bike

  • Statue of Mary Germany

    A beautiful statue of Mary in a store window in Cologne

  • Lourdes

    Grotto at night - Lourdes, France

  • Lourdes

    Lourdes at night. A candlelight vigil of thousands of people

  • Lourdes at night

    Statue at Lourdes candlelight vigil

  • Lourdes

    Basilica at Lourdes

  • Lourdes

    Inside Lourdes Basilica

  • Lourdes

    St. Anne with the daylight moon behind - Lourdes, France

  • Lourdes bascilica

    Basilica - Lourdes, France

  • Lourdes Basilica

    Basilica - Lourdes, France

  • Lourdes basilica
  • Church in Belgium
  • Cross Fire

    Brush fire in front of the the third station of the Cross - Guam

  • Guatemala beautiful church

    Cathedral - Antigua, Guatemala

  • Antigua

    Cathedral, Antigua, Guatemala

  • Bascilica

    The Cathedral in Guatemala

  • Guatemala Cardinal

    The Cardinal in Guatemala

  • Sainte-Anne-de-beaupre

    Basilica - Sainte Anne-de-Beaupré, Québec

  • Sainte ann de beaupre

    Inside the Basilica - Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupré

  • St. Josephs Oratory

    St. Joseph's Oratory - Montreal, Quebec

  • Quebec Church

    In Quebec I saw this beautiful Church so I stopped and took a picture.
    "Oh God please revive Quebec. Fill it's beautiful Churches again."

  • Church

    This is where I used to go to Mass every morning - St. Anthony's, Ottawa, Ontario

  • Archdioces Ottawa Cathedral

    Cathedral, Archdiocese of Ottawa