Photos of Barbados and St. Lucia

I've been travelling (playing music, and working) and took these pictures along the way.
These are low resolution copies. ©2004-2011 Hugh
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ocean barbados

The Barbados Caribbean ocean is as warm as it looks


katermaran sail

Catamaran Sail, Barbados


barbados night

Barbados sky at night

st. Lucia Rainbow

Rainbow on St. Lucia, near the Barbados


Me and this bull had a staring match in St. Lucia. I left!

st lucia sunset

How much better can a sunset get?

sea scape

St. Lucia coastline



St. Lucia Falls


The Earth is groaning in anticipation of the coming of our Lord. This St. Lucia volcano is still active after 100 years.

banana tree

Banana tree, St. Lucia


St. Lucia youth


Does anyone know a "why did the chicken cross the road?" joke?


St. Lucia was formed by Volcanos

father son

The "Coconut Man," as he called himself, and his son, would come around the tourist boats and sell coconuts


St. Lucia Harbor



Unbelievable sunsets


Beautiful harbor


St. Lucia harbor


Check out this ad for a funeral home. I guess they do things a bit different in St. Lucia.

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