Dana's Pro-Life Testimony

I received this email. It underlines the importance of keeping the sanctity of life, regardless of whatever sin we have committed that has put us in a position of being pregnant.

My daughter Jenna, was almost aborted. I found out I was pregnant a week after I had left my live in boyfriend of five years. I knew he would not be a good husband and father and I wanted a family. When I found out I was pregnant, I panicked. I went to set up the appointment for the abortion, scheduled the time and was prepared to go through with it. But, I believe that God showed me my daughter's soul.

Dana and her 2 childrenI was laying on my bed and I could already see a slight roundness though I was only about 5-6 weeks pregnant. I was speaking to this child (A first sign that I knew her life existed already) telling her that her mother and father were crazy, childish, unable to take care of a child. As I lay there, in my mind, my heart, my soul I "saw" the light of her soul enter my body and enter her. "Too late!, my child said, "I am already here"... I am including a picture of the girls and I at our church in Baltimore (the red head is Jenna, brown is Zoe)...We are living with a friend's family in Pennsylvania in their basement.

It is crowded, but my friends are loving and generous people who I am fortunate to have in my life especially since both of my parents also died in the past two years. Life can be hard, but God takes care of me and I am thankful for the blessings of healthy children, good friends, and the kindness of people like you.

Sincerely Dana