Liberal Catholics: An examination of the "Catholicism" we find among Liberal theologians

We love the faith that Jesus handed to Peter and the apostles, which emerged through the theological inspirations of the Early Church Fathers.

We don't like terms like "liberal" and "conservative" to describe Catholicism, because we believe that the Church is not conservative or liberal, but it will endorse the Truth wherever it lies. On one hand, the Church takes a "liberal" position on the poor and says, take care of them. On the other hand, the Church takes a "conservative" position on the moral teachings that Jesus gave us. This includes Christ's teachings on sexuality, marriage, obedience to God and reverence for his Holy Word.

There are claims that the Magisterium has dropped the ball on Vatican II. At the centre of this movement against the Magisterium is the claim that the Lumen Gentium document calls for the Church to revise its position on "there is no salvation outside the Church" and that we should be a lot more open to other religions as valid ways to heaven. They wonder why the Church is so old fashioned and slow to change.

Some liberal theologians think the role of Magisterium has outlived its usefulness. They question the role of Mary, they think the Church should endorse women's ordination, and gay marriage. They think the Church's position on contraception is backwards. They think infallibility of the Magisterium is a myth. So therefore all Dogma is open for grabs, especially purgatory. They don't think we need to pray for the souls in Purgatory, because they say it is a theological creation of the middle ages to control the masses.

They tend to hang out on the east coast USA and Europe.

Here is an interaction between myself and a liberal Catholic of that generation. It is here.

In many respects I totally agree that we need to revisit the faith. We need to come alive in Christ. I do not think that this renewal and examination should undermine the wisdom that has been handed to us through the ages. The newspapers are calling the liberal movement a new Reformation, which instead of separating from the church, it is trying to change the Church from within.

We believe in unity for the Catholic Church and I don't believe that unity is possible without the Magisterium. We simply have to look at the experiment of Protestantism to see how quickly division enters into any movement that is not without central authority. We believe that is why God gave us a Magisterium and why he promised to protect its dogmas against error. (Mat 16:18)

Let us consider Jesus' prayer for unity, "that they may all be one, as you Father, are in me and I am in you." (Jn 17:21) I hope this will help us to love one another as He has loved us. (Jn 13:34). "Let us not give up meeting together... but let us encourage one another." (Heb 10:25)

Show Topics for "Liberal" Catholics
  1. Women's ordination
  2. Married priests
  3. Gay marriage
  4. Contraception
  5. Abortion
  6. Lumen Gentium
  7. Email exchange with a liberal
  8. Mary's Role
  9. Dogma
  10. Inquisition
  11. Did the church squash women mystics?
  12. Joan of Arc
  13. Galileo
  14. Muslim faith
  15. Why is the Church so slow to change?
  16. Da Vinci Code
  17. Relativism
  18. New Age
  19. Church against women?
  20. Father James Martin's book: Building a Bridge: How the Catholic Church and the LGBT Community ...
Lord Jesus, let Your prayer of unity for Christians
become a reality, in Your way.
We have absolute confidence
that you can bring your people together,
we give you absolute permission to move.