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Our Mentors and Acknowledgements:

We have been blessed by many wonderful mentors who have stirred my interest in this field and helped us with content with this site. Among them are:

  • John Pacheco, a man who is on fire for a just society and an authentic Catholic Church. He introduced me (Hugh) to this world.
  • Fr. Terry Donohue, a brilliant mind who has answered many of our questions and provided content where acknowledged.
  • Fr. Bob Bedard, without him I (Hugh) would not be alive today. He supported me all the way and provided neat concepts that have been incorporated into some of these articles. He passed away in Oct 2011.
  • Dennis Girard, a former Evangelical pastor. It was letters in response to his questions that became the genesis of this site. He and his lovely wife Angelina became Catholic in 2003.
  • Dave Armstrong, a great Catholic theologian who's example has inspired us to be accurate, kind, loving, and enthusiastic.
  • Karl Keating who has shown us how to be accurate and scholarly and to provide a professional looking website
  • Margot Zunino, who translated over 60 articles into Spanish. The site is now becoming popular among Latin American communities and in Spain.
  • Joel Du Broy, several Spanish translations. He started the Spanish thing...thanks Joel.


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