Holy Land

I've been travelling (playing music, and working) and took these pictures along the way.
These are low resolution copies. ©2004-2011 Hugh
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General Photos of Jerusalem

Jerusalem - IsraelJerusalem - Israel

Western Wall, Jerusalem

Western Wall - IsraelWestern Wall - Israel

Church of the Holy Sepulchre, Jerusalem

Church of the Holy Sepulchre - IsraelChurch of the Holy Sepulchre - Israel

The Dead Sea

Dead sea - Israel Dead sea - Israel


Dead sea - IsraelDead sea - Israel


Qumran - IsraelQumran - Israel


Annunciation Church Nazareth - IsraelAnnunciation Church Nazareth - Israel


Galilee - IsraelGalilee - Israel

Bethsaida, Capharnaum, and Cana

capharnaum  -  Israelcapharnaum -  Israel


bethlehem - Israelbethlehem - Israel

Mount Carmel, Megiddo and Jordan

PeacockMount carmel - Israel


Basilica of the Beatitudes - IsraelPeacock on the Jordan - Israel

Historic Church Photos - Holy Land, Israel

Annunciation Church Nazareth - Israel Basilica of the Beatitudes - Israel

Church Photos: Europe, North America, Dubai, Central America, Guam

Inside VaticanSt. Paul's Cathedral at duskVenice basilica