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Here is 7 year old Adessa singing "Jeweled Sword" about Mommy's ALS.

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Jeweled Sword (MP3)


Lyrics for Jeweled Sword

A Jeweled Sword

I climb up on your wheelchair
Kiss your cheek and brush your hair
Mommy its even hard for you to breathe this air

I read you stories of the saints of old
The greatest stories ever told
Mommy I think you're the greatest saint I know

You're a miracle, I'm a miracle
I love you with all my heart


You soar, like an eagle in the spirit
You roar, like the lion of Judah
You're a jeweled sword
In the hand of the Lord

You're grateful for every breath you breathe
To have me sitting on your knee
So many people praying you will be set free

We've seen miracle, upon miracle
We pray there's more to come

In Heaven the battle was raging
Michael cast down satan
Down here on earth you're a sword in this fight
The victory belongs with the children of light

© 2023 Catholic Bridge

Jeweled Sword (Full version - MP3)
Jeweled Sword (uplugged version - MP3)

David is post abortive, and a member of Silent No More, a group of women and men who share their testimonies of abortion and their regret. He got a lot of help from Rachael's Vinyard, a retreat for post abortive women and men. He travelled extensively giving prolife talks, concerts, sharing his testimony of abortion. Most of the songs below were theme songs he wrote and recorded for the National March for Life in Canada.

Note: throughout this site David and Kirsten use pseudo names Hugh and Diane, to protect anonymity in this world that is hostile to the faith.
We'll leave our true names on a couple of pages while the LifeSite article runs.

"You were terrific. We wish you were playing on Capitol Hill for the US National March for Life."
- Fr. Frank Pavone, Priests for Life

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Lyrics to the songs above
(in alphebetical order)

Abortion is Killing the Hope of the Future

Lord God, help me understand
Where we’re taking this Promised Land
So much talk about human rights
What’s more basic than the right to life?

A wave of death has hit from sea to sea
While we're denying the reality
We'll be facing our darkest fears
As our leaders turn a deafened ear
Our country is disappearing

Abortion is killing the hope of the future
We can’t go on pretending
That we don’t know where it’s ending
We’ve got to stop this
Distortion of what this county is believing
The message we’re receiving
What we’re sowing and reaping
‘Cause in God’s eyes every life is precious

Young people take a look around
Half your generation is in the ground
How many could have been your friends
They were brought to a tragic end

Can you stand up and lend your voice
To the victims who have No Choice
Let this nation hear the silent screams
Of innocent blood and long lost dreams
This is anything but freedom

Don’t you wonder what they could have changed
Could have found a cure, but they died unnamed
Little martyrs crowned with thorns
More have died than in all our wars

by CatholicBridge.com ©2005

Recording Credits
Lead & background vocals, acoustic guitars,
keyboards, programming & production by CatholicBridge.com
Drums by Stephan Ulrich

Cult CULT-ure

We live in a culture where you can't say the Lord's Prayer in public schools because people find it offensive. We live in a culture where you can say the "F" word in the secular media
but you can't say the "J" word because people find Jesus offensive. We live in a culture where a baby sucking its thumb waiting to be born isn't a human. We live in a culture that doesn't know right from wrong, love from lust, Heaven from hell, Jesus from the devil. IT'S A CULT! I don't wanna join the CULT-ure

I'm a right-brained man in a left-brained world
Now I understand why my mind is in a whirl
They think I'm spacey but you know it don't phase me
'Cause I won't play the games are driving them crazy

It's a cult, don't wanna join the cult-ure (2x)
don't wanna join the cult-ure (2x)
don't wanna join the cult, cult-ure

I'm standing on the outside don't want to look in
Don't want to get a handle on how they win
They think that they're standing on their own two feet
But they're following the devil down easy street

Maybe you could turn around and change your mind
Before the gig is up and we're out of time
You can't close the door when the walls are caving in
And the world is flipping out swimming in sin

People living in the street, others in mansions
Kids building bombs listening to Marilynn Manson
Video games, kill the soldiers
Do it for real when they get older
Anorexic women on the TV screen
A great role model for a girl thirteen
High school dances cheap romances
HIV no second chances
Shopping malls filled on Sunday mornings,
Empty churches could it be a warning
Fast food, shallow novels, violent movies
Climb the social ladder get a hero medal

by CatholicBridge.com ©2000

Every Mountain (Even More Alive) eulogy song for Frank Mountain, a great prolifer

As we mourn, Heaven cries “Holy”
As you enter the Light, Heaven cries “Holy”

Twenty years ago evil tried to break you
But nothing could shake you
You rose above the pain
On the wings of faith

Every Mountain
Raise your voice on high
For the faithful never die
You are even more alive
You have won the crown
You ran the race
You’re the one who set the pace
You are evermore alive, alive

Your wife was a rock,
helped you through
Children were faithful
They were always there for you

Pray for the families broken by this age
Will return to Grace and Faith
And follow in your ways

Help us realize your dream
That every child of God will see
The light of day
And the gift of a lifetime
Mother Theresa helps us pray
Just the way she did that day
When you were given strength
To find your way
Help us see the day
When every child is safe

By CatholicBridge.com

 “He crossed the threshold of the next life, entering into the mystery of God. But he did not take this step alone. Those who believe are never alone - neither in life nor in death. At that moment, we could call upon the Saints from every age - his friends, his brothers and sisters in the faith - knowing that they would form a living procession to accompany him into the next world, into the glory of God. We knew that his arrival was awaited. Now we know that he is among his own and is truly at home.” Benedict XVI remembers John Paul II, Sept 14 2005, words that apply to Frank Mountain also.

This song is not yet recorded


Forty years ago
Mr. Pierre Trudeau
Walked across the line

He said he was a believer
But didn't know your will
Got to look in the Holy Book
“you shall not kill”


Exodus, there’s a star ahead of us
Rising in the sky
We will follow
Through the night
To the future
Where our leadership
Will honour every life

Can you count the victims
Of that awful day
Fathers, mothers
Sisters, brothers
Falling from The Way

Listen to the baby crying
Deep inside the womb
Cannot keep denying, lying
We've got too much to lose


We’re gonna walk in the right direction
Through the desert in the Lord’s protection
We’re gonna make all the right connections
Gonna make a difference in all of the elections
We’re gonna make all the right corrections
Stop all the disabled baby selection
Put an end to the crazy digression
Walk in the light of the Resurrection

March for Life Theme 2009
© 2008 by CatholicBridge.com

This song is not yet recorded

How Can There be Too Many Children

How can they be too many children
That is like saying there are too many flowers

Love life, love them both
Mother and daughter watch them grow
Life’s precious life is gold
How can people be so cold

Take my hand, not my life
I’m made from love, made from light
Don’t stop believing we will find a way.
Please mama let me see the light of day

Generation to generation, standing hand in hand
We are praying for the children all across this land

By CatholicBridge.com, Cortney Kinney (c) 2008

This song is not yet recorded

Fly on Home (Natural Death)

Three score ten
and a dozen years
You hear a silent calling
It quiets all your fears

The wind’s in your hair
and your heart has been set free
Your soul is on the wing
Fly on home, fly on home
Fly on home to Jesus

There’s no way they can hold you
The walls are made of dust
This world can’t trap you
It’s iron bars will rust

Pretty little songbird left the cage
Fly to the forest flying to her mate

Music by CatholicBridge.com
Lyrics by Amy Thayer & CatholicBridge.com

Freedom of Speech

two thousand years ago men lost their lives
when they stood up for justice and criticized
the emperor Nero and all of his lies
freedom was won by the martyrs who died


freedom, freedom of speech
freedom, freedom to preach
we'll stand for justice and what We believe
we sing about freedom, freedom of speech

modern justice is falling apart
maybe we should ask the question "where did justice start?"
God raised his hands and He opened his heart
He gave us his life and conquered the darkness

freedom, freedom of speech
freedom, freedom to teach
we'll teach our children what We believe
we sing about freedom, freedom of speech

ancient empires came tumbling down
they turned away from God and fell to the ground
is that the future for the culture of "choice"
we say "NO!!!" we sing with one voice

freedom, how sweet it is
freedom, freedom to live
and speak the truth like our Saviour did
we sing about freedom, freedom in Him

©2005 CatholicBridge.com

I am God's Idea

I am God's idea,
I did not come by chance
I am God's idea
I'm not a happenstance

I am God's idea,
Sent to you in His time
While I've come from the heart of God
I'm part of His design

Born to live in His love
In His image am I
Born to know and to love him
And to serve him till I die

And when you are old
I will care for you
I will be the eyes and ears
And the voice that sings in you

By Gregory Floyd

It's a Crime

Regardless, how she was conceived
Regardless, what her parents believed
Regardless, the state of law
Or a judge's fatal flaw
She's a gift from heaven
Made of Love


It's a crime
A crime
To take her life
It's a crime
A crime
Against humanity
To take her life
She's alive
It's a crime

Regardless, of a one night stand
Regardless, if she was planned
Regardless, of the ultrasound
Or the imperfections found
She's a gift from heaven
Made of Love


Regardless, of all of the cynics
And what they say in the clinic
It's a life, it's a life, (etc...crowd chants "it's a life")

CatholicBridge.com ©April 6, 2010
(Theme for National March for Life 2010)

This song is not yet recorded

Justice for the Unborn

In Florida, Feb 21, 2007, Amillia Sonja Tayor, born at 21 weeks and 6 days, went home. She was the most premature baby ever born. She made front page news and opened up a public debate on abortion in Britain, the US and other countries. This song is dedicated to her.

Born at 21 weeks
The papers showed your tiny feet
People talking all about
You in the streets

They couldn’t understand it
How this miracle occurred
You gave your voice
To a million still unheard

In that hospital 
Where they saved your precious life
Two floors up
They give another child the knife

In the face of innocence
Justice in a political storm
In the age of decadence
Justice for the unborn

A tiny prophet crying
For a generation lost
Your life is a reflection
Of what this thing has cost
Thank you for your courage
You came though and showed us life
Amillia, you have shown us
what is wrong and what is right

The law has failed the Truth
But the Truth well never bend
40 years we’re fighting
We’ll stand here ‘til the end

(Repeat Chorus)

There will come a day when all will understand
What it truly means to have freedom in this land

by CatholicBridge.com ©2007
March for Life Theme 2009

Legacy of Love

baby, you mama's been holding you
you've been floating
in a paradise made just for you
a beautiful world
where heaven and earth
join in a swirl
of love all around you

baby, God's been working on you
He's been making every bone and every sinew
of this miracle, you are the union
the blessed communion
of Heaven and earth

once in a lifetime
you're joined by a lifeline
to the generations before you
once in a lifetime
you're joined by a lifeline
to the legacy of love, legacy of love

baby, the world is waiting on you
you're a blessing,
God has got a purpose for you
grow in the Spirit
it'll guide you
i know that you hear it
echoing inside of you

every time you move
I hear angels singing
a chorus just for you
all of heaven is ringing
look back through
the ages at the legacy of love
baby, Jesus is in love with you

By CatholicBridge.com © 2001

Let Them Live

let them live, let them live
for the Lord made life
it's Heaven's greatest gift
let them live, let them live
for the Lord made life
it is only his to give

You formed my innermost being
You knit me in my mother's womb
i give thanks that i'm fearfully made
how wonderful are Your works (ps 139:13-14)
You knew my name before i was born (jn 29:11)
You knew my heart before it formed
You knew the colour of my eyes
You know what a mother has inside
Father i can hear You say

You knew the colour of my hair
You knew if it'd be dark or fair
You gave me lungs to breathe Your air
You gave me love that i could share
You put the fingerprint in my hand
You gave me a mind to understand
You gave me ears so i could hear
every word You whisper in my ear
Father i can hear You say

You know what this world can't hide
though its turned its back and closed its eyes
You know every child from the dawn of time (eph 1:4-7)
i lie awake and i hear them cry (mat 2:18)

by CatholicBridge.com ©2002
March for Life Theme 2003

Life is the Only Choice

i was climbing the ladder
i didn't know my morals were shattered
by my ambition
i was looking for glamour
i didn't know I was taking a hammer
to my conscience and everything I should have treasured
i was lost in this world
that knows nothing about love, nothing about life

Mother Mary i can hear your prayer
for all the mothers and the fathers out there
who battle for the right to choose
but don't know what they are going to lose
hey Jesus i can hear your voice
"life is the only choice"

turns out what I was chasing
was nothing more than racing
into emptiness, chasing the wind
i lost my mind and everything i owned
i lost my child and i lost my soul
in the mad rush for security,
i didn't know life is precious
from beginning to end
it's something we must defend

i woke up crying
and I felt like dying
the night I realized what I had done
Father forgive me
let your Spirit be with me

i wish i hadn't been so confused
i wish i'd known what i was going to lose
i wish i'd heard my baby cry
"mommy and daddy let me stay alive"
hey Jesus, I can hear your voice
"life is the only choice"

By CatholicBridge.com ©2002 SOCAN
March for Life Theme 2003 and 2004
Life, the First Human Right



Life, no love could be deeper
Life, no gift could be sweeter
Life, the work of the Healer
The first human right
Life, the hope of the nation
Life, the next generation
Life, the greatest creation
The first human right, Life

We cannot kill and call it freedom
As we walk the shifting sand
In the darkness on the road
That takes us to a nowhere land
The children are human
Can you hear the beating hearts

We’re in a crisis as the morals
All around us tumble down
We cannot euthanize
We cannot push our parents in the ground
Life must be higher
Than any other right

by CatholicBridge.com © 2008
March for Life Theme 2008

One Man One Woman

written in response to gay marriage legislation

They say that it is freedom
But you know I don't believe them
'Cause Lord I have seen them
Try to change your Word

They say that it is progress
I couldn't help but notice
The world is looking hopeless
With every passing hour

The fountain of life
Is a man and his wife
One Man, One woman
It's how you wrote the Book Lord



One Man, One woman
It's how you gave us life Lord
One Man, One woman
It's written in the Book of Life

They say they wanna be fair
They say it's gonna get us there 
But I think we're gonna need prayer
To teach our children your ways

King of all creation
Pour your healing on our nation
Lead us to salvation
Hear our prayer Lord Jesus

The fountain of life
Is a man and his wife
One Man, One woman,
It's how you wrote the Book Lord


Lord I hear you calling
To a world that's falling
You are standing
at the gate of life and death
Freedom is to choose you
It is not to loose you
Heal the broken hearted
And lead them in your ways

by CatholicBridge.com © 2005

We've Got to Organize

From east to west from sea to sea
A voice rising up from among God’s people
From north to south
We’ve got to shout it out
We’ve got to break the chains
And take the muzzles off
We’ve got to come together


We’ve got to organize
We’ve got to fight the lies  
We won’t apologize
As we come against the tide
We will not shrink or hide 
But we will rise up high
We’ve got to organize

From every corner of this blessed land
Every denomination every outstretched hand
Raise our hearts to God listen to His plan
We will find our strength
We will take a stand
We’ve got to come together

Darkness has fallen on our land
But we know the One who is the great I AM
We will not let them silence the Lamb
We are his people together we stand
As the unborn cries
As the family dies
We will not stay silent
We will organize

©2007 CatholicBridge.com

This song is not yet recorded

Yes To Life

In 1930 a storm was raging
Christians divided
but the Truth was unchanging
The floodgates broke
Evil awoke
The devil spoke
to life he said “No!”

But there was a prophet
Who spoke to the nations
Pope Paul the VI held the wisdom of ages
He said…

Yes to Life (3x)
Between a man and a wife (Yes to You Jesus)
Yes to Life

Four generations have come and gone
The cultural of death is still raging on
Adultery, abortion, divorce and diseases
Are the fruits of the devil
When he gets what he pleases

But we are an army whose numbers are growing
We will not stop ‘til the last trumpet’s blowing
We say…

(repeat chorus)

Love is patient Love is kind
Love is open to the author of life
Love will overcome the darkness of evil
Cause the angels are praying with all of God’s people

They sing…

(repeat chorus)

© 2006 CatholicBridge.com SOCAN
Theme for Humanae Vitae conference with Janet Smith

Vocals, instruments, production & engineering by CatholicBridge.com
Backing vocals by Eileen Dalpra

  • "I'm not the only one who is thinking about life issues these days and to sing about that there is no one in Canada better than David."
    - Pedro Guevera Mann, Salt & Light TV
  • "Life Is The Only Choice" ... is not only a pro-life song ...was an excellent choice for the Marian Song Festival [in Guatemala]."
    - Catholic music network
  • "Participants in Canada's annual March for Life on Parliament Hill will recognize the pro-life music and testimony of Hugh ...One of Canada's most well-loved pro-life musicians."
    - Pete Vere, The Interim, Dec. 2007
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