How to prepare for Christian Persecution
What to DO when the persecution hits

Christians and those who resist government protocols may soon have trouble buying, selling and remaining employed. Some credible Christians, think it could be the "Apocalypse" (Mat. 24Rev. 6-7). We "know not the hour" (Mat 23:13) so be financially and circumstantially responsible in this process. However, we need to prepare while there is still time. We have divided this topic into 4 separate articles:

  1. Spiritual Preparations
  2. Get stuff ready: prepping
  3. What to DO once persecution hits (This article)
  4. What to BELIEVE once persecution hits

Feel free to print or download these pages in case this site is censured. We hope to meet some of you.

What to DO when the persecution hits
Based on "Live not by Lies" by Rod Dreher

  • Be prudent and be fearless: or find people who are fearless and follow them. It may become a snitch society. "Catholics" who follow the regime might snitch on "non-compliant" Catholics. Behind the iron curtain, a communist seminarian snitched on Catholic dissidents. Neighbours and family members snitched on dissidents.
  • Be ready to suffer: it's a refining fire and suffering can be very valuable if we do not become bitter. If you are not ready to be tortured or executed for the faith you may not keep your faith. It has to be the most important thing. The persecution might be white or red, but it will be very dangerous for your soul to yield to it.
  • Build bridges with those resisting totalitarianism from other perspectives: This includes other denominations, other religions, and even atheists. It can be risky to network with other dissidents whose beliefs don't match yours but it might be better than isolation. It might be an opportunity to evangelize (by example).
  • Information about the underground church is given on a "need to know" basis: Many dissidents broke under the KGB. The leaders of the resistance were tolerant of them, because they knew how hard it was. They said, "you'll do better next time"...but they learned not to give unnecessary information.
  • Either avoid discussions that contradict Christian faith and morals, or speak up: But we can't agree with lies without corrupting our character. Silence will not save us. Ketman is a middle east expression for someone who acts Muslim but is inwardly Christian, and it has not worked. We cannot live honestly, and be emotionally healthy by outwardly conforming and agreeing to "woke" systems, but inwardly being Christian. See the movie "Silence" about 16th century Japan, for an example of how hollow this life is.
  • Rules for living in Truth under totalitarianism: Solzhenitsy writes that a man who refuses to live by lies: 
    • Will not say, write, affirm, or distribute anything that distorts the truth 
    • Will not go to a demonstration or participate in a collective action unless he truly believes in the cause 
    • Will not take part in a meeting in which the discussion is forced and no one can speak the truth 
    • Will not vote for a candidate or proposal he considers to be “dubious or unworthy” 
    • Will walk out of an event “as soon as he hears the speaker utter a lie, ideological drivel, or shameless propaganda” 
    • Will not support journalism that “distorts or hides the underlying facts”


A summary of what to believe when persecution hits

This is a short form of the article on what to believe during persecution

  1. There are no aliens: they are demons
  2. Artificial intelligence (AI) isn't alive, has no soul or personhood. It's just 1's and 0's and may be used by demons
  3. Plants and animals are not persons: demons will speak through "animal mediums"
  4. Beware of fear mongering about global warming, comets, solar flares, or AI apocalypses
  5. Science is a tool not a religion, and it has been compromised to control the masses
  6. Decisions should be "Wisdom Driven" rather than "Data Driven". Data can be manipulated/incomplete
  7. There is no time travel
  8. Cyborg humanism is diabolical. Don't accept a computer/bio implant
  9. There is no such thing as a "quasi" human. Tragic experiments will be either 0% or 100% human
  10. No other being can be you, even if cloned
  11. One’s life is not one’s own, it is designed for spiritual success, don't commit suicide
  12. They can't read your mind
  13. Only God can raise the dead
  14. There is only one Creation
  15. All religions are NOT equal
  16. Don't let philosophy contradict common sense.
  17. Two contradictory assertions cannot be true. Don't obey an evil order.
  18. We were created male OR female. We would do well to reconcile with our God-given DNA and help others to do so.
  19. Don't second guess God-given reason
  20. The Bible is inerrant
  21. Biblical moral teachings are infallible
  22. Hang on to Truth, Goodness, and Beauty
  23. Heaven and hell are real
  24. Reject those who claim to be divine. When Jesus comes, it will be sudden with east to west brilliance.
  25. Each member of the Holy Family remained celibate, with no natural descendants
  26. Jesus was fully God on earth. Not just a teacher or a human who achieved "Christ-consciousness"
  27. God never changes and is exactly 3 Persons
  28. Only 3 sources of power. (1) Natural/material: can be good OR bad (2) Supernatural: via Jesus (or his Church) ALWAYS good (3) Preternatural: diabolical ALWAYS bad
  29. In this life, you can always repent, but don't use this as an excuse to sin
  30. The coming dystopia will be short, about 3.5 to 7 years (Dan. 12, Rev. 7). Stay strong and hang in!

* Disclaimer: This is not financial or health advice. Get financial and health advice from multiple competent sources and make informed decisions.