UFOs, aliens, demons, and angels
A strategy of the antichrist

This article includes exerts and/or summaries from Daniel O'Connor's monumental book "Only Man Bears his Image" (Used with permission) In the coming weeks this article may morph into a shorter summary.

All who seriously investigate alien activity, must confess that although 95% of UFO reports can be explained away through natural phenomenon, a small percentage indicate supernatural phenomenon. These experiences are best explained when compared to demonic intervention.

“Demons are essentially trying to establish an abusive relationship with us as human beings.”—Fr. Chad Ripperger

Catholic Demonologist Adam Blai explains the general way that demons operate:

The demon almost never appears in ... true form, they lie and deceive constantly. ... If demons showed up and looked horrible and menacing people would run the other way and right into a Church. They reel people in slowly by offering knowledge, playing on pity, giving comfort or power. Only when they have a sufficient hold will their true intent (to take people away from God and destroy them) become clear. ... The enemy often takes advantage of weakness or misfortune: they come when people are sick, bankrupt, depressed, or swollen with pride. They offer to fix problems or elevate one above others. The trick comes later when the person is at their peak and they tear it all down so that they suffer the most intensely... There is always an act of free will involved in letting a demon enter the body; one just might be unaware that it is a demon. Permission might be given in response to a deception, but the door is opened nonetheless...”[219]

It's not hard to map these techniques to UFO's

Alien abduction testimonies share many similarities to Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA)

The parallels are remarkable and particularly instructive, since the demons are less veiled in Satanism, whose very purpose is to worship the demons for what they are, not merely under one of their many guises (as in “UFO Religions,”). These similarities were reviewed at an academic conference held at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) in June 1992, and in the table below are presented some of their findings:

Alien Abduction Accounts Satanic Ritual Abuse Survivor Accounts
Examination Table (White Sheet) Altar Table (White Sheet)
X-Ray, Headgear, Wires ECT, Polygraph, Shockers
Surgical Needles, Implant Instruments Knives, Daggers, Pins, Needles
New “Space Writing” Symbols Old Esoteric Writing Symbols
Circular and Triangular Emblems Pentagrams and Triangles
Focus on Eyes: Scary and “Calming” Focus on Eyes: Scary and “Demonic”
Bright Light as Initiating Event Bright Light as Torture/Intimidation
Clamps as Restraints Clamps, Chains, Ropes, Belts Electricity Used to Experiment, “Heal,” or “Transfer Information” Electricity Used to Torture, Intimidate, or “Eradicate Information”
One “Alien” in Charge One “High Priest” in Charge
Told: “You are Special,” “We Will Return,” “Do Not Tell,” Told: “You are Special,” “We Will Return,” “Do Not Tell,”
Taken from Bed, Field, or Forest Kidnapped in Bed, Field, or Forest
Amnesia from Experience Amnesia from Experience
Feel Drugged/Euphoric/Anesthetized Drugged with LSD, Heroin, Cocaine, Herbs, etc.
Out of Body Experience/ Astral Travel Out of Body Experience/Astral Travel
Resulting Paranoia: “They are Coming Back” Resulting Paranoia: “They are Coming Back”
Resulting Sleep Difficulty, Nightmares, Sexual Disturbance, Depression, Humiliation, and Obsessive Thoughts Resulting Sleep Difficulty, Nightmares, Sexual Disturbance, Depression, Humiliation, and Obsessive Thoughts
Issued Threats “Seen as Caring” Issued Threats Recognized as Abusive
"Forced Intercourse" Ritual Rape
Shown Films of Destruction Shown Films of Destruction Cattle Mutilations Animal & Human Sacrifices
Apocalyptic Predictions (Nuclear Disaster) Apocalyptic Predictions (Armageddon)
Age at First Abduction: Average Age of 5 or 6 reported Age at First Initiation: Average Age of 6 Reported
Long Range Study of Abductee Long Range Exploitation of Initiate
Illnesses Cured by Aliens Illnesses Cured by Witchcraft Abductees
Feel they Know Each Other Survivors Feel they Know Each Other
“Accommodation Syndrome” Secrecy, Helplessness, Entrapment & Accommodation, Delayed Disclosure, Retraction “Accommodation Syndrome” Secrecy, Helplessness, Entrapment & Accommodation, Delayed Disclosure, Retraction

Obviously, the Satanists engaging in their diabolical rituals are real flesh-and-blood people; unlike aliens. Yet, they explicitly take their orders from demons, and what Satanists carry out from these orders is strikingly mimicked by the beings undertaking “alien abductions,” though often with trickery to prevent their Satanic nature from being detected.

“UFO behaviour is more akin to magic than to physics as we know it ... the modern UFOnauts and the demons of past days are probably identical.”

Dr. Pierre Guerin

Aliens flee at the name of Jesus

The CE4 research group was established in 1997 to study abduction experiences. They quickly discovered over four hundred individual accounts of abduction—including hundreds of accounts they received directly from the mouths of “abductees” themselves—wherein the “alien abduction” immediately stopped upon invoking the name of Jesus.[223]

Over a hundred testimonies they have collected are available to be read—including many audio interviews that can be listened to—on their website.[224] Obviously, there is no conceivable reason for a being to flee at the name of Jesus unless it is a demon.

“By invoking the name of Jesus Christ... Satan is driven out of men” —St. Irenaeus... ”these signs will accompany those who believe: in my name they will cast out demons” —Mk 16:17 “First, Jesus gave the power to cast out demons to the twelve apostles, then to the seventy-two disciples. With these words, he granted the same power to all those who believe in him. There is one condition: we must act in his name. The strength of those who expel demons, whether or not they are exorcists, lies in their faith in the name of Jesus.” —Fr. Gabriele Amorth

This strategy of using the name of Jesus has been used by numerous saints through the ages who were unsure of what was visiting them.

The encounter with what are interpreted as aliens is very often an unsettling experience that creates fear, insecurity and a longing to understand the meaning of the event. In many accounts there may be physical sensations of weakness and emptiness, and for many people who claim to have had contact with aliens, the long term result is often depression. Though the “aliens” often use positive words such “salvation” and “rescue”, what is communicated is often threatening, and for those who have repeated encounters, the threats become part of a demand for submission ... most people who have the “rare privilege” of witnessing “strange beings or visions from other planets” suffer from depression...others can be driven to the point of madness or suicide.

—Fr. Spyridon Bailey

“The extraterrestrial myth is seen to coincide to a remarkable degree with the fairy-faith of Celtic countries...”—Jacques Vallée

Demons are indeed more ubiquitous in the contemporary age of Satan’s prophesied “75 to 100-year unchaining” (cf. Pope Leo XIII), wherein he was given greater leeway than ever before, therefore we are seeing their machinations at unprecedented levels.

... ancient tradition of little people that fly through the sky and abduct humans. It is standard for them to take their victims into spherical settings that are evenly illuminated and to subject them to various ordeals such as operations on internal organs and “astral trips” to unknown landscapes. Sexual or genetic interaction is a common theme in this body of folklore...[225]

—Jacques Vallée

These “little people” went under a variety of names: the Scandinavian trolls, the ihkals of Mexico, and the Malaysian bunians. The British Isles provide a wealth of such legends, from the Celtic stories of babies abducted by elves to Irish leprechauns and Scottish sleagh maith ... In France, these legends concern fees, or fairies, and a diminutive race known as the fions.[227]

In R.D. Dione’s 1969 book, God Drives a Flying Saucer, we are told that all the miracles of the Bible are merely the results of alien technology from ETs visiting earth at various points throughout history. One such ET managed to achieve immorality, and—the words are so blasphemous I hesitate to even write them, but we must understand how diabolical the movement we are dealing with is—artificially inseminated the Virgin Mary, hence bringing about Jesus Christ.

The title of Dione’s 1976 follow-up work says it all: “Is God Supernatural?: The 4,000 Year-Old Misunderstanding.” These authors do not even attempt to hide that their purpose in promoting ET belief is to overthrow the most basic tenets of Christianity and of Theism itself. Aliens are the new “gods,” and (their) technology is the new “grace.”

The New Age

Shortly after World War II, popular curiosity was attracted by unexplained phenomena in the sky referred to as unidentified flying objects (UFOs). In various places in Western Europe and the United States, study groups were formed by people who wanted to investigate these phenomena...Typically, such groups believed that UFOs were in fact spaceships inhabited by intelligent beings from other planets or other dimensions of outer space. Representing a superior level of cultural, technological, and spiritual evolution, they now made their appearance to herald the coming of a New Age.

The Earth was entering a new evolutionary cycle that would be accompanied by a new and superior kind of spiritual consciousness. ... [this] would necessitate the destruction of the old civilization ...[but] those individuals whose consciousness was already in tune with the qualities of the new culture would be protected in various ways and would survive the period of cataclysms. In due time they would become the vanguard of the New Age, or Age of Aquarius

-The Macmillan Encyclopedia of Religion

Stages in UFO obsession

  1. Stages in UFO addiction:

    1. Curiosity
    2. Fascination
    3. Interest in seemingly unrelated occult topics (paranormal, Freemasonry, etc.)
    4. Excitement at “imminent disclosures”
    5. Rage against Government “cover ups” of UFO sightings
    6. Engage in pseudo-spiritual contact with the ETs
    7. Contact is made and the Devil has his foot in the door
    8. Downward spiral of sin, error, heresy, apostasy, and blasphemy

... following the prince of the power of the air, the spirit that is now at work in the sons of disobedience.” — Ephesians 2:1-2

“The demons inhabit the air” —St. Augustine

“[A demon] can from the air form a body of any form and shape.” —St. Thomas Aquinas

That Satan occupies the space under Heaven, and that the incorporeal powers are spirits of the air, under his operation. (St. John Chrysostom, Homily 4 on Ephesians)

Can demons appear as spaceships and aliens?

St. Athanasius wrote a biography of St. Anthony the Great (251-356 A.D.) also known as “Anthony of Egypt,” and the “Father of All Monks.” Selection 342 from that biography says:

The demons ... [approach in] guise, and thenceforth shaping displays they attempt to strike fear, changing their shapes, taking the forms of women, wild beasts, creeping things, gigantic bodies, and troops of soldiers. ...[they] pretend to prophesy and foretell the future, and to show themselves of a height reaching to the roof and of great breadth; that they may stealthily catch by such displays those who could not be deceived by their arguments...

The testimony of saints through the ages is, yes, they can take on almost any form.

Can Demons create experiences such as abductions

Further describing what the demons are capable of, Fr. Chad Ripperger continues:

Demons have in their nature the ability to change corporal bodies, and therefore, the demons have power over our bodies. This flows from the fact that their will is not restricted just to their intellect but has the ability to act upon others, both spiritually (that is, other demons and angels, etc.) and physically. ... they can influence any faculty which operates through a bodily organ: the senses, common sense power, memory, imagination, cogitative power, and the appetites in which we have emotions. They can move the body and its bodily organs while awake or asleep ... They can also give false clarity by actually darkening the intellect but at the same time putting in the image sense data which gives the person the impression that he actually understands, when he does not. ... One phenomenon the exorcists will come across from time to time is demons actually having sex with people. Since demons can act upon the body, God permitting, they can cause in the individual an experience similar to and even exceeding anything that any human being can cause. When demons have sexual relations with a woman, they are called an incubus and when they have sexual relations with a man, they are called a succubus. ...Despite all that the demons can do, they cannot act directly upon the will of humans because it is a spiritual faculty; they can only act upon the body. Furthermore, demons cannot put something new in the imagination which the person does not have, at least in part, in the memory, such as causing a blind man to imagine color. Barring that, they can use all different parts of various sense data stored in our memory and combine them to produce whatever image or impression that God will permit.[347]

Fr. Ripperger explains:

Another kind of [demonic] vision is that in which the actual vision occurs or appears to occur external to the individual and this happens in three ways. The first occurs insofar as the demons (and angels) assume a body ...The next occurs in such a way that there is not a physical tangible thing outside the individual who is having the vision as when a body is assumed. This occurs when the demons cause a change in the person’s senses or in the medium between the thing and the sense of the individual which is perceiving it. As to the change in the medium, each sense has a medium by which it receives the sensible species. Since this medium is something physical, God permitting, the demons can change the characteristics of the sensible species [i.e., light or sound] as it passes through the medium [air]. ... This is commonly what is happening when morphing occurs ... which is beyond what is physiologically possible for the demon to cause due to his inability to suspend the natural laws, that is, to cause a miracle. The same can also happen even to the sense of touch insofar as the demons can act upon the medium of touch, which in this particular case is the skin of the person sensing it, so that when it enters into the actual sense itself (which would be the nerve endings which transmit the sensible species) the person senses something different than what is actually physiologically there. The same can also be said for the sense of hearing in which the demons can change the sound in the air ...[348]

Not only do the UFOs and “ETs” love darkness, but a deeply disconcerting proportion of their antics are witnessed around 3:00am, the inversion of the moment of Christ’s death on the Cross, which is a well-known preferred time for demons. Even the legends from worldly sources speak much of the so-called “devil’s hours,” from 3:00am to 4:00am, wherein diabolical forces are thought to be most potent.

Summary of what demons can do

  1. Produce corporeal or imaginative visions (but not intellectual visions).
  2. Falsify ecstasy.
  3. Produce rays of light in the body and sensible heat. (There have been examples of “diabolical incandescence.”)
  4. Cause sensible consolations and tenderness.
  5. Instantaneously cure sicknesses that have been caused by diabolical influence.
  6. Produce the stigmata and all other kinds of bodily extraordinary phenomena, and any phenomena dealing with physical objects, such as crowns, rings, etc.
  7. Simulate miracles and the phenomena of levitation, bilocation, and compenetration of bodies.
  8. Cause persons or objects to disappear from sight by placing an obstacle in the line of vision or acting directly on the sense of sight; simulate locutions by means of sound waves or immediate action on the sense of hearing; cause a person to speak in tongues.
  9. Produce bodily incombustibility ...

To summarize: all phenomena resulting from the activity of any natural power or physical law, even if the human being is unable to produce them, can be produced by diabolical power, with God’s permission. Whatever the activity of diabolical powers, however, it can never be essentially supernatural.[351] The instantaneous curing of certain sicknesses by demons is especially noteworthy.

NOTE: This article is in progress. This article includes some exerpts and/or summaries from Daniel O'Connor's book " Only Man Bears his Image".