What is the difference between prepping and hoarding?

In our article on prepping and preparing for persecution we discuss the three aspects of preparing for persecution. Often preppers are confused with hoarders by those who can't image anything ever going wrong with our society. Here is a table of symptoms of hoarding with its non-corresponding characteristic in a prepper.

Hoarding Prepping
Impulsive with little active planning Well planned, researched, with intentionality
Fear based, lack of trust that God will provide Often is faith based, obedient to God like Noah
Triggered by the sight of an object that could be owned Careful consideration of aquisitions, disciplined
Objects collected lack a consistent theme Integrated objects oriented towards surviving a crisis
Clutter disrupts living space unless there is an intervention by a (discusted) 3rd party Uses available storage space maximally
Disorganized Organized
Difficulty getting rid of or parting with possessions Easy to part with objects that do not fit the objective
Results in relationship problems Usually strengthens and integrates families/marriages
Health and saftety problems, trip and fire hazards, health code violations Organization leads to safe environment
Inability to perform daily tasks, living difficulties, cooking, bathing Acquisition of objects doesn't interfere with daily tasks, living spaces, or family time
Often accompanied by money problems A good prepper stays within a responsible budget, does not take away from providing for family, and saves money buying in bulk and beating inflation

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