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Lust Recovery (LR) helps Catholics overcome lust, sexual addiction or obsession. Lust can take many forms including:

Lust Recovery (LR) helps Catholics repair the wreckage caused by lust, and enables freedom from sexual addiction.  LR builds and strengthens:

  • Spiritual relationship with God
  • Marriages
  • Families
  • The ability to find a spouse
  • Self-esteem
  • Ablility to live by the Catholic teachings

We follow the magisterial teachings of the Catholic Church on life, sexual morality, and family issues. Non-Catholics are welcome, if they want to live according to these principles on masturbation, contraception, marriage/divorce, sex before marriage and same-sex relations, sexual addiction, etc.


I was really desperate in 2009. I felt that I had hit rock bottom with something that was enslaving me and over which I had no control whatsoever. Thinking of sex had become an obsession since my early teenage years and for a long time I struggled but continued to slide. One day I decided to look for help and spoke to a priest friend of mine who invited me to an event on family life and human sexuality at his parish. I attended a talk by a speaker who impressed me with his testimonial of victory over the bondage of lust. It was him who got me connected to Lust Recovery. With nothing left untried, Lust Recovery has been the only initiative that has kept me sober and accountable all these years. Today, I am grateful beyond words to all of those in this amazing group. Lust Recovery is unquestionably the best tool available for anyone serious about overcoming sexual addiction. (Member)


I had a seasonal but chronic masturbation problem since my youth.  Despite the intensity of my Catholic faith, I wasn't able to get free from it until I joined Lust Recovery.  I've been free from any physical acting-out of lust for three years.  The program has also given me the tools I need to deal with the mental aspect of lust.  I'm convinced that there is a real wisdom and grace in this program.  I highly recommend it to anyone who is serious about getting victory over lust. (Member)

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Note: the donation button to the left is for Lust Recovery does not accept outside donations. To contact us, phone 866-613-0376 , rather than the general contact information for CatholicBridge.

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