Catholic Bridge top articles from 2019

Here's a list of top Catholic Bridge English articles from 2019. There are also Spanish articles in the top 10, but here we'll list the top English articles.

10. Mary, do Catholics pray to her?

Describes what Catholic teaching is and isn't regarding speaking with Mary and asking for her intervention (6,917 page views) View article

9. Mary, conceived without sin

Mary continues to be a popular topic. This article explains what the dogma of the Immaculate Conception is and isn't. (7,749 page views) View article

8. Did the Catholic Church castrate the choir?

A fringe article about what a castrato was and an explanation of the circumstances around castration for singing in the days of old. (8,967 page views) View article

7. Are Catholics Christian?

Dispels the myth that Catholics are a sect such as Mormons or Jehovah Witness (9,843 page views) View article

6. Mary's assumption into heaven

Mary will always be a major topic of discussion between Catholics and Evangelicals (10,830 page views) View article

5. Time line of the Catholic Church

A favorite year after year, provides the time line in a table format (11,082 page views) view article

4. Did the Catholic Church forbid Bible reading?

Did the Catholic Church forbid Bible readings. This article explains the historical and current position of lay people reading Scripture (11,490 page views) View article

3. What's wrong with masturbation?

This presents common myths believed about masturbation with responses, and a few tips on how to stop or stay stopped. (20,063 page views) View article

2. Acceptable foreplay

Sexual themes continue to dominate page views as people have honest questions about what sexual activity is OK and not for faithful Catholics. (20,339 page views) View article

1. The Catholic Mass full text

The most important thing is Catholicism is the Mass and this page continues to draw the most views on our site. (26,878 page views) View article