Reviews and Endorsements of this Site

  • "I have looked at your website and I'm impressed with what you're trying to do. I admire your witness." Ralph Martin, Renewal Ministries Michigan

  • I just discovered your site, and referred some folks to it from my FB page, where nearly 2 million visit every month. Thanks for such a great effort to make our Catholic Faith understood. John Michael Talbot

  • "Great work!" Dave Armstrong, Author of "A Biblical Defense of Catholicism"

  • "I know of about 5 Catholic Evangelists in Canada, today I know one more." Mark Mallett, International Canadian Evangelist.

  • Hi Hugh, It was about a year ago that I found your site.  Since then I visited often, looking up subjects to answer the questions I had about the Catholic Church.  I also watched EWTN and read mountains of books, but your site was the first to give me hope in what I had always felt...that Catholics were Christians ( I had been taught otherwise), and that there was a lot I didn't know and wanted to find out. Just to let you know, after attending 6 months of RCIA classes,  I was received into the Church Easter VIgil.  Thank you for providing this site!  At last I feel like I have arrived home:) In Christ, Mrs. Vicki Hassessian

  • Hello Hugh, my name is Robert. I actually wanted to let you know what your website has meanton a very real faith level. I had stumbled across your site about 3 or so years back during a very rocky time period in my faith. I was a charismatic protestant at the time, and I had recently met a woman who was raised Catholic. Long story short, I went through an extremely dark and empty time. My faith was going out the window, and I was starting to wonder if God was real or just some archaic fable. I had originally began studying the Church to prove how wrong it was to my then girlfriend, (now wife!) and came up way short. You'd think that this would be helpful to me, but it was WAY not! Anyway, your site gave me so much insight and truth from a caring standpoint, that it was extremely instrumental in helping me come to the decision to convert. As of Easter Vigil this year, I have become a Catholic. It was a very, VERY difficult journey and process, but I am truly home now. I still visit your site when I'm looking for some good info or need some help clarifying something; I'm constantly studying. I've always felt a hard pull toward the ministry, and I'm now contemplating the work towards the Diaconate. We'll see! I know you're quite busy, and this is a long note, but I really wanted you to know how much your work on this site has helped me. It truly has been priceless. I asked God for help, and this was one of the stand out sites He led me to. So, thank you, I pray that others may find what I have found! God bless, - Robert

  • "I would just like to say ...more than you can ever know your web page has affected my life.  I could make this much longer and go over many issues that have spoken to my heart and begun to change the way I view what you “sinful” Catholics have done.  That was tongue in cheek, but brings me to a point. ... I didn’t know I was prejudiced and had been misinformed about Catholics because I didn’t think it was wrong to be prejudiced to Catholic beliefs. ... I am learning to love some Catholic doctrine and deeds that I used to disapprove of.   I will likely attend RCIA and eventually become a Catholic myself.   Thank you so much for your ministry ... This site has greatly nurtured my spirit." -Bret

  • "My name is Michelle and I’m currently in my third year in university. I came to know the love of Christ a little over a year ago and since then I have loved every moment of my relationship with Him. One thing I struggled with a lot prior to this experience was understanding and explaining the teachings of the Church. I knew a lot of other Christians and they would often ask me questions pertaining to this subject, and I was ashamed of my ignorance; I could never give them a satisfying answer. One day I discovered your website, and it has been absolutely instrumental in understanding the rich teachings of my Catholic faith. It has given me a solid base understanding as well as the tools to look to other resources to deepen that knowledge even more. I can never thank you enough for all the work you have put into this site. It is truly the work of Christ through you! The Internet can be a dangerous place, but your site is a rose among the thorns. I’ve recommended your site to countless people, who have all found it very helpful and enlightening. Thank you a thousand times, and God bless you! - Michelle (20 year old university student)

  • "Love both the website and the concept. Catholic musician and former secular actor...  Those of you who saw ... Andrew Lloyd Webber's Cats may remember Hugh as the rock-n-roll cat. So Hugh went from Cat to alcoholic to Catholic. There's gotta be a good pun about this, but seriously, how he discovered God's grace makes for a touching reversion story." Pete Vere, Canon Lawyer and a Catholic social and religious commentator in numerous Canadian and American Catholic publications

  • "Thank you so much for the spirit of love and concern for evangelicals. I am one. I have been researching the Catholic church and struggling with it. Your website is non-judgmental and informative. Thank you. I'm going to take your advice about praying to Jesus about Mary. We'll see..."- Gail

  • "Because of your conversion story and your vocation as a musician where you are brought into contact with many of our separated brethren, you will probably have more notches in your belts than a whole bunch of us "Epologists" combined. Keep up the great work. God is using you to do great things for His Church." John Pacheco, Apologist

  • "You website is great! Keep up the good work." Dr. Art Sippo, Apologist

  • "... it is an impressive piece of work. This, too, is an important tool in spreading the Faith. Your language and writing style is appropriate to your target audience." Deacon Eugene Margeson, Vice Chancellor, ArchDiocese of Ottawa (Not an "official" Diocese endorsement)

  • "Wow! Just printed off everything Hugh. Wonderful!! Thank you ..... Is it ok if I use some of this material for our RCIA program in our parish?" Suzanne McKenna, Parish council, "Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal"

  • "Your explanations (of statues, the Pope, baptism/born again, Church wealth, etc.) are refreshingly different in approach. There is a lot of good Catholic apologetics out there ... Yours ... adds a new and convincing dimension. Keep up the good work." Fr. Lindsay Harrison

  • "Thank you for letting me share and I enjoyed reading your website." Shannon (a Baptist)

  • ".you have a very easy to read and easy to navigate website. So many websites are busy and crowded and jumbled and it is a real effort to navigate them. But yours is very clean and pleasing to the eyes. This is not easy to do and yet you have done a fantastic job. Great work!" Fr. John Fletcher (Companions of the Cross)

  • "I visited your website . very praiseworthy! God bless your work as an evangelizer and a witness to the brotherhood in Christ of Evangelicals and Catholics!" Fr. Gabriel de CHADAREVIAN, o.p.

  • "...a terrific resource for Protestant-Catholic dialog" The Canadian Catholic register

  • "I just want to say I have benefited a lot from your website, and I am really grateful to God and to you and everyone who made this site possible.I felt that my prayer was answered when I found your website. Even though there are a lot of Catholic apologetic websites, it is hard to find one that tries as hard as yours to connect with the Evangelical without getting defensive." Joe Hu  (Joe translated part my article on statues in Church into Traditional Chinese for an article in a Vancouver newsletter.)

  • "I've recently "come back" to the Church after a long absence, and part of the reason for that has involved a long and tortured apologetics debate in an online political forum. I'm still shaky on the big questions, but I know, (and have always known), that if there's a Christian home for me, it's in the Catholic Church. I'm writing to thank you for your indispensable website. It's incredible. There are only so many ways you can say the same thing, but I've always found what I need said in the right way on your site. So, thanks again." - John

  • I was raised Catholic but found my faith in Jesus outside the Church. I would always tell my non-Catholic friends that we believe some Catholics (just like everywhere else) are Saved ...I have recently started dating someone who wants to remain in the Catholic Church and wants me to join him there. Well, since being Catholic is a part of my identity I decided to try going back to the Church. I always missed the ceremony of Mass to be truthful and I do now recognize that the Bible is part of the whole celebration, but of course, I have a lot of questions about everything: Mary, Purgatory, etc....I seem to have found an excellent resource for my questions on your website. Thank you for creating it and reaching out to bridge the gap! - Jill

  • Fidelity: EXCELLENT   ||   Resources: Good   ||   Useability: Excellent
    Catholic Bridge, a site produced by Hugh , provides a wealth of information for Evangelicals on the Catholic faith. As a musician in Christian Contemporary Music, many of his listeners are Evangelical, and through this site he seeks to provide answers to many of their various doubts and questions. The site is divided into topical questions with further specific issues addressed in each section. While a number of sites contain these fundamental answers, Catholic Bridge provides a clear and simple explanation which is easily understood by those outside of the faith ... - Catholic Culture web site review
  • Dear Hugh Mac Donald, I happened to come across your photos of churches around the world and I am writing this to thank you and to tell you that your photos moved me. I am a middle aged schoolteacher, mother -  and grandmother of a little boy I live in Copenhagen, Denmark. After having been on the way for many years I became a catholic last easter. I am fortunate among other churches in Rome to have visited the churches in your photos. Rome always seems to be calling me back and through your photos I can walk into some of the churches while in Denmark. Thank you for all your share. Love and God bless you Hugh. - Solveig
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