An Invitation - Pray to Jesus about Mary

We hope I have not caused anxiety with all my talk about Mary on this site. I wish only to help build a bridge between Catholics and Protestants. We don't believe that avoiding Mary will help build this bridge. We can't see this issue going away, at least in our own lives and in the lives of the millions of Christians who are alive in the spirit of Christ and have been enriched by their relationship to Mary. Time spent with Mary does not take away from Jesus anymore than time spent with other Christians.

We would like to make an invitation. It may be very difficult and perhaps impossible for some. We would like to ask you to forget everything you have ever heard about Mary, everything that you have ever read about her, including what I have said here.

We would like to invite you to pray to Jesus. Most Christians would agree that it is completely safe to pray to Jesus about anything. We would like to invite you to pray to Jesus about Mary. Simply ask Jesus to show you the truth about his mother. Ask Him to direct your thinking about her. Ask Jesus if his mother is alive with Him. Ask Him if Mary is praying for us. Just pray to Jesus about her. Try this every night for six weeks. We are thoroughly convinced that He will bring you to the truth about his mother.

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