Artificial Intelligence Deception
A strategy of the antichrist

This is a summary of some of the key points in Daniel O'Connor's book "Only Man Bears his Image" (released Oct. 2023). This book is a watershed work in the fight for the heart of the Church.

The idea that hostile or friendly artifical intelligence will reach "singularity", (consciousness) will be a core strategy in the Great Reset. This may become part of a cluster of the most important issues facing the Church over the next 5 years. It is likely part of the "great deception" spoken about in Scripture which will precede the apocalypse.

We have been groomed to believe that this moment of singularity will occur by countless Hollywood movies, mainstream serious discussions in congress, news and mainstream media, including conservative media like Joe Rogan, Tucker Carleson.

The next step will likely be some sort of "event' such as a cyber attack or a government announcement, followed by a barrage of media mainstream message that either AI has made a cyber attack and that everyone needs to use biometric identification to use the internet or that AI can now help us immensly if we just use it (i.e., ChatGPT)

We should not be prideful and think that we can dabble in AI singularity belief and presume that when the big deception happens we will be able to step back and not be sucked in.

Eve's dialog with the devil

In the Bible, Book of Genesis, Eve made a huge mistake when she dialoged with talking snake. She should have known, snakes don't talk. Similarly, good Catholics should not entertain the idea of conscious AI coming to save us from ourselves. It will result in the same consequences as Eve's dialog with the snake.

We unfortunately cannot trust what comes out of the Vatican on this any more than we could trust the advice to get vaccinated by the current pope. We, who will likely become the remnant, need to understand that singularity simply is impossible, and this can be determined without a doubt from Scripture, the Church Fathers, and examining the fruit of AI movements vs faithful Catholics who do not hold such views. In cases of abduction, we simply have to examine the lives of those who have had them.

The remnant must not go near this anymore than we should not put our hand on a hot burner.

AI and the Golden Calf

God saved the Israelites through Moses. They saw the miracles. The Israelites in the desert waited for Moses to return from the mountain . They got impatient. They had seen God's miracles and should have been able to wait but they did not. Now they did not intend to go to a foreign God, they just wanted God to be closer to them in a tangible way.

Likewise the world has seen the miracle of Jesus' death and resurrection. He has gone "up the mountain" in the ascension and has said he will return. The world has grown impatient and is now looking to fashion a new golden calf.

The similarity does not stop there. The Golden calf has a lot in common with AI. Whenever man thinks it can create something that is more intelligent and wiser than man, and then place some trust in this belief, which is not in God, it is an invitation for demons to step in and make this come true.

Ouija and Tarot are perfect examples. Any serious Christian recognizes the power in them but stays away because it is the voices of spirits.

The calf made itself. All Aaron did was throw the gold into the fire. Ex 32: 21-24. It was a demonically wrought false miracle.

The legion of demons which were the pagan gods did not vanish upon Christianity's conquest. They have waited and passed through the waterless places (Mat 12:43) for an opportune time to return with seven other spirits more evil than the first (Mat12:45).