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Relations between Catholic and the Orthodox Church

  1. Introduction to Catholic Orthodox Relations
  2. Timeline of Catholic and Orthodox relations
  3. When did The Bishop of Rome become the Pope
  4. The Filioque (Proceeds from the Father and the Son)
  5. The Nicene Creed full text
  6. Does the Eastern Orthodox Church predate the Roman Catholic Church?
  7. A discussion about Purgatory and Prayers for the dead
  8. Does the Orthodox Church predate the Catholic Church?
  9. The Orthodox Bible: Did the Council of Nicea II confirm the Council of Carthage?
  10. Early Eastern Church fathers recognize the Pope
  11. Holy Fire
  12. Decomposed bodies of Saints
  13. The 1054 Split between Catholic and Orthodox
  14. Orthodox position on divorce
  15. Orthodox position on contraception
  16. The Crusade sack of Constantinople
  17. Did the Apostle Andrew establish the Church in Constantinople?
  18. Why can't babies receive communion in the Catholic Church?
  19. Why can Orthodox Christians receive Catholic Communion but Catholics can't receive Orthodox Communion?
  20. The history of the Church in Bulgaria
  21. Protestant Reformation
  22. Heresies - listed
  23. Has the Orthodox Church changed on significant issues?
  24. If Peter had primacy, why did James make decisions (Acts 15)?
  25. Is Papal infallibility a "one man council"?
  26. Is Peter the Rock of Matthew 16:18?
  27. Are the other Patriarchs dependent on Rome?
  28. Did Rome force Latin on the Eastern Churches?
  29. Why did the Pope have a Kingdom?
  30. Evangelicals becoming Orthodox
  31. Did Catholics force "Mortal Sin" on eastern churches?

Hugh's Music

  1. Catholic Music Review of Hugh's music
  2. Photos of Hugh and Friends
  3. Children's songs
  4. Hugh's Concert Videos
  5. CD Info - Lyrics/sound files
  6. Hugh's weekly radio show "Bridging the Gap"

Evangelicals & Catholics Big Questions

  1. Are Catholics into the Bible?
  2. Are Catholics Born Again?
  3. Are Catholics Christian?
  4. Did Constantine Invent Catholicism?
  5. Did Jesus Mean Literally "Bread" in Jn 6?
  6. Eucharist
  7. Why Baptize Babies
  8. Justification by Faith alone?
  9. Indulgences
  10. Isn't the Church Rich?
  11. Catholic Mass
  12. Catholic Mass Bible References
  13. Saints
  14. Statues in Church
  15. Why Portray Jesus on a Cross?
  16. Purgatory
  17. Religion vs. Relationship
  18. Why are Catholics into suffering?
  19. Are Catholics Pagan?
  20. Are Catholics in conspiracy with Pagan Muslims who worship the Crescent Moon
  21. Are non-Christians saved
  22. The Pope
  23. Was Peter the Rock
  24. The Pope WYD message
  25. Sacraments and Sacramentals - can material things carry spiritual power?
  26. Are Catholics into the Rapture?
  27. Do Catholics have a Punishing God?
  28. Priests Forgive Sins? Why are Priests Called Father?
  29. Early Church Fathers
  30. Are non-Christians saved?
  31. Sheol, Hell, Hades
  32. Is the Catholic Church the Little Horn of Daniel 7?
  33. Two judgments?
  34. Man Made Religion?
  35. Isn't it all about Jesus?
  36. Catholic Creationism
  37. Traditions of Men


  1. Mary in the Bible
  2. Mary in the Early Church and Today
  3. Do Catholics Pray to Mary?
  4. Mary a Pagan Goddess?
  5. Mary's Perpetual Virginity
  6. Is the Rosary Bible Based?
  7. The Rosary - Learn it
  8. Download audio versions of the Rosary
  9. Is the Rosary more about Mary than Jesus?
  10. Catholic Repetitious Prayers
  11. Martin Luther and other reformers speak on Mary
  12. Mediatrix, Co-Redemptrix
  13. Mary's Assumption into Heaven
  14. Mary Conceived Without Sin, Immaculate Conception
  15. Mary Apparitions
  16. Messages from Heaven video, Eternal Productions

Defense against Liberalism
(Challenges to the Magisterium )

  1. Intro to the Catholic Church liberal pages
  2. Is the Lumen Gentium a doorway to every religion
  3. An exchange with a liberal "catholic" who wants to radicalize the faith

Social and Moral Stuff

  1. Catholic Church - Gay Marriage, Gay Sex
  2. Marriage, divorce, and annulments
  3. Priest Sexual Abuses
  4. Glossary of the modern age
  5. Is the Catholic Church against women
  6. Why not women priests
  7. Why can't priests get married?
  8. Why is the Catholic Church so slow to change?
  9. Why not sex before marriage?
  10. Gay sex in the Bible
  11. Pope Benedict's "controversial" speech re: Mohammed & Islam in 2006
  12. What is wrong with Planned Parenthood?


  1. The Catholic Mass - Full text (English and Latin)
  2. Dogmas
  3. Is Modern Music OK for Christians?
  4. Flow Chart of Catholic Doctrine
  5. Apostles Creed
  6. Dan Brown, Da Vinci Code
  7. Relativism
  8. New Age is not that New
  9. Why do I like the new Mass better than the traditional Mass?


  1. Timeline of Catholic Church
  2. Timeline of how the Bible came to us
  3. Why did the Church move to Rome from Jerusalem?
  4. Vatican says Protestant communities are not churches
  5. Vatican Questions & Answers on the meaning of the word "Church"
  6. Did Catholics invent Secular Humanism? (Part 1 introduction)
  7. Did Catholics invent Secular Humanism? (Part 2- Greek)
  8. Did Catholics invent Secular Humanism? (Part 3 - Renaissance)
  9. Did Catholics invent Secular Humanism? (Part 4 - Modern Church)
  10. Francis Schaeffer's accusations with responses (Part 5)
  11. Was Hitler Catholic, Christian
  12. The Pope's famous speech about "evil and inhuman" acts by Mohammed and about the relationship of Reason and Faith and the Dehellenization of Christianity
  13. Pope Benedict XVI's first Mass Homily
  14. Inquisition
  15. Anathemas
  16. Did Catholics rewrite the 10 Commandments?
  17. 2 Days of Christmas - the true meaning of the song
  18. Joan of Arc
  19. Galileo
  20. Corrupt Monasteries?
  21. Why did the Catholic Church forbid Bible reading?
  22. Did the Church squash the Medieval (women) mystics?
  23. Did St. Cyril kill Hypatia?
  24. Charles Chiniquy and his Charges against Catholicism
  25. A 1908 Catholic response to Chiniquy
  26. Did religion cause more war related deaths
  27. Why didn't early Christians Graft into the Jewish way of doing things?
  28. Catholic Church Castrations
  29. Witch Burnings during the Inquisition
  30. The "Unam Santum"
  31. Were Irenaeus, Theodoret of Cyrus and Augustine Anti-Eucharist?


  1. When does life begin?
  2. Hugh's testimony of abortion
  3. What's Wrong with Abortion?
  4. Contraception
  5. A Woman's Testimony of Abortion
  6. Dana's Pro-Life Testimony
  7. Pro-Life Songs
  8. Abortion Song - Let them Live
  9. Whose body is it?

Espanol (Traducción al español: Margot Zunino)

  1. This web site is available in Spanish - click here

Articles Translated to Polish (Polska)

  1. Personal Testimony - Polska

Articles Translated to Traditional Chinese

  1. 維護生命  (Abortion)
  2. 教堂裡的雕像 (Statues in Church)

Articles Translated to Bulgarian

  1. Bulgarian


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  10. A book by an Evangelical friend of mine, Jeff Lutes, called "The Spiritual Masters, The exponential Growth of the Catholic Church in Relation to Monastic Orders"

Hugh 's Testimonies

  1. Personal Testimony - Full Version
  2. Hugh's Testimony of abortion
  3. Why do I stay Catholic?
  4. Mother Mary - Hugh's Testimony
  5. Is the New Age Dangerous?
  6. What did Hugh do during his 10 years out of music?
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