Pro-Life Pro-Family Songs

Hugh is post abortive, and a member of Silent No More. He travelled extensively giving prolife talks, concerts, sharing his testimony of abortion. For 8 years he wrote the theme songs for the National March for Life in Canada.

  • "I'm not the only one who is thinking about life issues these days and to sing about that there is no one in Canada better than Hugh."
    - Pedro Guevera Mann, Salt & Light TV
  • "Life Is The Only Choice" ... is not only a pro-life song ...was an excellent choice for the Marian Song Festival [in Guatemala]."
    - Catholic music network
  • "Participants in Canada's annual March for Life on Parliament Hill will recognize the pro-life music and testimony of Hugh ...One of Canada's most well-loved pro-life musicians."
    - Pete Vere, The Interim, Dec. 2007

40 days for life

Lord Jesus, let Your prayer of unity for Christians
become a reality, in Your way.
We have absolute confidence
that you can bring your people together,
we give you absolute permission to move.