Children's Catholic Songs

CD coverHugh was quite surprised at his concerts when so many children ran up to the front and started singing along and doing the hand gestures. He invited them up on stage and it began a regular part of concerts at places like Catholic Family Land. He hadn't thought of himself as a children's singer but more and more we've been hearing about children playing Hugh's CD (sometimes more than the parent who bought them for themselves!) And so we've decided to provide a separate download page of songs that children 3-12 love, and which provide a solid message to children. We hope you enjoy them.

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  2. To download single songs, select "Add to Cart" ($1.39 each). When done, click "View Cart" and follow the instructions to pay by PayPal or credit card, then download the chosen songs.

Lord Jesus, let Your prayer of unity for Christians
become a reality, in Your way.
We have absolute confidence
that you can bring your people together,
we give you absolute permission to move.